Type of Defects found in DMP

In Defect Management Process (DMP), different types of defects are identified by testers. At different stages of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), different defects might occur. Identification of defects at an early stage is very much essential. It helps and supports in improvement of DMP, reduces cost expenses, minimizes no. to defects in system.

Type of Defects :

  1. Defects caused due to Human Beings :
    • Lack of knowledge is one of main causes of defect. Knowledge regarding product or application is very much required for better understanding and about its usage. Therefore, one should learn about applicability before its usage.
    • Some people tend to ignore things that are essential which might result in defect. Therefore, each and everything should be considered with full focus.
    • Lack of information regarding process is also major cause of defect. One should have full detailed information regarding process of system.
  2. Defects caused due to Translation :
    • Better understanding of requirements is very much essential nowadays. Development team should have proper communication with customers, clients, end-users, etc. to understand requirements carefully. Miscommunication is one of major causes of defect.
    • Software development results should match requirements i.e. it should meet requirement of customers or clients. If built product does not match with requirements, then it is of no use.
    • Software requirements should match with test case. If there is any mismatch then it might cause defect. Therefore, it is essential to first check and analyze requirements completely and then take decisions.
  3. Defect caused due to Design and Coding :
    • Some of data are integrated with consistency and accuracy in SDLC. But if someone makes changes in data, then defect might be caused.
    • Some of data are correctly stored in Database. But if someone make slight mistake while changing or altering data, then there might of chance of defect occurrence.
    • Design code should be well and correctly written for better outcomes of testing. If there is some mistake or wrong build in code, then it might have impact on testing outcomes.
  4. Defect caused due to Testing :
    • Humans tend to make mistakes, therefore it’s not a big deal. But effort should be made to focus on each and everything. While performing testing also, testers need to focus on each and everything for identification of problems or defects if present. If testers are not focused, then there might be some problems that will remain unnoticed and cause greater damage to system.
    • Failure in executing a test that is planned is also a major cause of defect.

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