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Turvo Interview Experience for SDE-1
  • Last Updated : 14 Jan, 2020

Round 1: Online Coding round on hacker rank

Round 2: Interview over zoom. Focus on Problem Solving.

  • Design the simplify debts in split-wise groups
  • Fix a sorted rotated array in O(n) without using extra space

Round 3: Interview at turvo office, Hyderabad. There were two 13 yrs experienced Architects as the interview panel.

  • Median of integer stream.
  • Wildcard Pattern Matching.
    I gave them dp solution. They asked if it can be improved and small discussion why trie would be better in this case
  • Java Streams.
  • What happens in rest when multiple users are trying to patch the same resource.
  • Paging in rest.
  • Query on oracle rank function.

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