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Turn an Array into a Column Vector in MATLAB

  • Last Updated : 04 Jul, 2021

 Conversion of an Array into a Column Vector. This conversion can be done using a(:) operation. A(:) reshapes all elements of A into a single column vector. This has no effect if A is already a column vector.

Example 1 


% MATLAB code for Conversion of an array 
% into a column vector
a = [2 4 6 8] % Initializing an array of some elements
% Converting above array into a column 
% vector using a(:) operation
Column_Vector = a(:)


Example 2


% MATLAB code for Conversion of an 
% array matrix into a column vector.
a = [1 2; 3 4; 5 6] % Initializing an array
% Converting above array matrix into a column 
% vector matrix using a(:) operation
Column_Vector_matrix = a(:)


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