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Ttyper – Test you typing speed in terminal

Last Updated : 27 Jan, 2022
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Ttyper is a command-line tool that is built with Rust and tui-rs.ttyper can test your typing speed. This tool is not working for the English language, but it also checks your typing speed in the programming languages like C, CPP, HTML, Java, and many more programming languages. Now let’s see how to install the ttyper on the Linux, Windows, and macOS operating systems.


The ttyper is built in the rust language, hence to install and run the ttyper. So first we need to install rust language on Linux. To install rust on Linux, use the following command:

curl –proto ‘=https’ –tlsv1.2 -sSf | sh

After successfully installed rust language. To install ttyper on the system, use the following command :

cargo install ttyper

Now let’s see how to use the ttyper.

Using ttyper

ttyper is very simple to use. To run the ttyper simply run the ttyper command, this will pick 50 of the 200 most common English words.


After running the command, it will show the words, and you have to type these words. If you type the word correctly, the word will be colored in green color. If the work is wrongly typed, then the word will be colored in red color. After completing all words, it will show the summary and typing speed.

If you don’t want to complete the all given words and want the typing result, then press the ESC key. If you want to quiet the ttyper without result, then press the CTRL+c key.

Number of words in ttyper

To show only limited words by ttyper to type, use the -w option with the ttyper and mention the number of words you want to type. Here  is one example:

ttyper -w 10

Changing language

As we see before, ttyper allows use to check your typing speed into a different programming language. So to change the language use option -l with the ttyper command and mention the language. Here is one example:

ttyper -l c

Another example:

ttyper -w 10 -l java

Taking words from the file

To take the word to type from the custom file, just mention the file name after ttyper command. Let’s take one example, we have one text file named text.txt and this file contains the following data:

Now let’s take words from the text.txt file to type into ttyper:

ttyper text.txt

Table of commands

Following are all commands that can be used with the ttyper tool:

Command  Contents
ttyper 50 of the 200 most common English words
ttyper -w 100   100 of the 200 most common English words
ttyper -w 100 -l english1000 100 of the 1000 most common English words
ttyper text.txt   contents of test.txt split at whitespace

Uninstall ttyper

To uninstall the ttyper we are going to use the cargo command. To uninstall ttyper use the following command:

cargo uninstall ttyper

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