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TSS Consultancy Pvt. Ltd – Trackwizz Interview Experience

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Mumbai University – VESIT,Chembur – Registered students – 205

Shortlisted – 192 on basis Latest CGPA.

Day 1: 26 September 2020

  • 2:30 PM to 3:30 PM – Pre-Placement talk.
  • 4:00 PM to 7:30 PM – Online Test – Link was sent to 192 students via mail.

The test had two sections – Programming questions and Aptitude MCQs

  • 2 easy-medium type of questions (as compared from Hackerrank Problem Solving Practise Questions)
  • 25 basic aptitude questions. I prepared from Indiabix website only, it is sufficient.

A lot of time was given for the test (150 mins) but I completed it in around 60 mins.

Note: Camera will be on during the entire test, your entire window screen is shared and if you toggle you get a warning, if you use shortcut keys (Ctrl+c, Ctrl+v, etc) you will get a warning. 2 warnings and the test will be closed automatically.

Platform – Codeassess

In the preplacement talk, they told if anyone has worked on a live project or maybe has made an app we should mail them about this. I mailed them about my Pocket Engineering App and I am working on a live college website, a well-detailed mail with attachments, and its achievements.

Out of 192, only 46 qualified this round and gave interviews.

Day 2: 27 September 2020

My interview start time 10:20 AM. It was supposed to be the first normal tech interview then another interview where the director himself (CTO – Sameer Tanna) will take, but I guess CTO himself took my first interview as I had emailed them. (as mentioned earlier.) The interview started with my mail to them, all the project-based questions were asked (why, how, what, all types of project-related questions.)

Few OOPs based (Abstract vs Interface, etc)

He asked about a few things which they work in their company I was not aware of and I said Sorry I am not familiar with these technologies and concepts.


  • 1st programming questions: I solved in 15 mins but naive approach. He told me to optimize it, I took some time and did in O(n).

    Then a probability-based question, not an easy one, it took some time he helped me and I answered but then a further question on that was asked I guess you should answer that without taking his help, I did the same.

  • 2nd Programming question: harder one – It took most of my time, my approach mattered he was noticing everything. He gave me 2-3 test cases all worked and done.

  • 3rd Programming question: Based on the thing the company works (Fintech based). I took some time but I solved it.5 test cases – he gave one by one, last case didn’t work he gave me some time I solved in 5 mins (I had forgotten to give a stopping condition in while loop).

He asks everything, what was the error, how you solve at every step, and even for earlier questions.

(Note it was on google meet and I was presenting my screen the entire time, and I was coding in python)

Lastly HR type of questions, Your career goal, why TSS, and few more.

And any questions about me, I asked two questions

By this it was 3:45 PM (10:20 AM to 3:45 PM) 20 mins lunch break was given.

Within 20 mins or, so I got my mail for the next interview, time 4:45 PM to 5:05 PM

Typical HR questions, questions on the resume, hobbies, family background, where do you live, how will you travel, etc etc. and lastly any questions for me?

This was 2:1.

She at last added “We hope to see you soon after this situation gets over”

So I knew I am selected.

11:45 PM list came of the people who will have an interview on 28 September and a list of people as of then selected.

Note: Interview experience varied a lot, people had 1st interview taken by a company employee and then CTO took and the last HR (so 3 interviews). Few were gone through group problem-solving.

All The Best!

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Last Updated : 14 Oct, 2020
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