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Truminds Interview Experience (On-Campus)
  • Last Updated : 14 Dec, 2020
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Round 1: The first online test was on AMCAT platform

 It had 4 sections.

  • Logical Reasoning (14 MCQ’s)
  • Quantitative Aptitude and English (16 MCQ’s)
  • Technical (25 MCQ’s)
  • 2 Coding questions.
  1. Emma wants to gift a bouquet to her father on his birthday and asked for help from her mother Rosy. Rosy gives N flower sticks numbered 1 to N to Emma and tells her to arrange it in the bouquet in a particular order. She asks her to arrange the first K flower sticks in the order of their increasing length and the remaining sticks in the order of their decreasing length. Write an algorithm to find the final arrangement of the flower sticks in which Emma gifted the bouquet to her father.

    Input: The input to the function/method consists of three arguments. num, an integer representing the number of flower sticks (N). Random, an integer representing the number K given by Rosy to Emma sticks, a list of integers representing the length of flower sticks.

    Output: Return a list of integers representing the final pattern of the flower sticks in which Emma gifted the bouquet to her father


    Random < num

    0 < num < 106


    Input: 8,3
    11 7 5 10 46 23 16 8
    5 7 11 46 23 16 10 8
  2. A company provides network encryption for secure data transfer. The data string is encrypted prior to transmission and gets decrypted at the receiving end. There are some technical error and data is lost while the received data is different by 1 character. Arnold a network administrator is called t find this character which is lost.

    Write an algorithm to help Arnold find the character that was missing at the receiving end but presents at the sending end


    abcdfjgerj abcdfjger



Round 2 (Technical discussion): The interview was virtual on MS Teams. 

  1. He asked me about my background and discussed the points I mentioned in the resume. As I was from ECE he asked me ECE related question. I fumbled here as I was not prepared with ECE related topics.

    Then he moved to DS. He asked me about stacks, linked list,s and the difference between both. Later he gave me a question related to merging sort but for some reason, I wasn’t able to code it well. So later he asked me to just reverse the first array which I did. We then had a discussion on arrays. 

Final Verdict: Not Selected

The next round would have been a Management discussion if I had cleared my Technical but then it was just not my day and realized I have to brush up my core subject topics well too.

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