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Truminds Interview Experience for Software Engineer

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  • Last Updated : 05 Oct, 2021
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Round 1:

  • 20 MCQs from C#, Computer organization,OS,etc and 1 coding question based on sub-string
  • I solved all the MCQs and 10 test cases of Coding Question

Round 2:

20 students were selected for an interview

  • Question were mainly from Branch subjects like DBMS,OS,Data structure,COA
  • The coding question they asked was based on the cyclic array which I had to write
  • SQL queries like creating a table, search a name in a TABLE
  • Normalization, ACID properties
  • From OS they asked me about Virtual memory, paging, deadlock

Round 3:Managerial+Technical

  • 5 students were selected and behavioral and Complexity based algorithm questions were asked

Round 4: HR round

Finally, they selected Only 1 student from our Campus

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