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Treebo (Ruptub Solutions Pvt Ltd) Interview Experience | Set 1

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1) Variation of Array Partitioning (Solved using DP)
2) OZ graph , Graph related ques solved using BFS

1) Replace each element in an array with multiplication of all others except that , division operator is not allowed.
2) You are given an infinite array you need to find minimum number of jumps required to reach the end. You can move in both direction -ve and +ve array is b/w -infinity to + infinity
Variation to this
Array – 1 2 3 4 5
I = 2 a[i] = 3 so u can strictly move 3 steps ahead or 3 steps backward .
Given a position , find if it can be reached

3) Given a number n generate all pair of valid parentheses .
If asked for count use nth catalan number

Given n number of arrays find the minimum range such that it contains at least one element from each array.Most optimized solution.
There was a lot of discussion on that

1) Print path with maximum sum in binary tree
2) Design an api similar to Inshorts app (news app).
3) LRU Cache implementation
2-3 more question were there I dnt remember exactly

ROUND 4 : Head of Engineering.
1) Mean median mode and some discussion on statistics
2) Question on session management and cookies
3) Hour and minute hand angle
4) Given an array with Avg A , now divide this array into 2 parts such that the avg ( A1) of first part is equal to Average of the other part A1=A2

ROUND 5 : CTO round
1) Design question.Dont remember the ques
2) Discussion on cookies
3) Few more question How http works

Whole interview was wrapped up in a day continuously,each round took at least 1 hour, and next day the offer was given.

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Last Updated : 27 Jul, 2016
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