Tredence Interview Experience

Tredence Analytics Pvt Lmt (eligibility 7 cgpa, 6.5lpa)

Round 1
It was online test on amcat. It consists of aptitude from time, distance and speed. Profit and loss, average, Percentage and reasoning. There were two coding as well.
1. Find if one tree is a subtree of another.
2. Matrix multiplication.
I solved both of them. 15 people were shortlisted and I was one of them.(They gave results after 15 to 20 days).

Round 2
I was technical interview round. First of all they gave us a form in which we had to fill details like 3 technical skills and their rating, 3 favorite movies and books, 3 weakness, most embarrassing moment in life and strength and weakness.
Then I was called for interview. First he asked me about myself. Then asked java questions related to function overriding and overloading. Then he asked a puzzle. That was like if I have boarding passes of a person without date and time and only with source and destination. If I shuffle the cards, Is it possible to tell the first initial source. I said no without time and date it was not possible. Then he played around this question for sometime. Then he asked the standard problem :- Count the number of islands in a Boolean matrix. I gave the dfs solution. He was satisfied. Then he asked another puzzle :- Given 4 pages and written with x, y, 1, 2 and I have to make the minimum flips to make the pair(y, 2). (Very confusing puzzle). I was able to answer a little, not much. Then I had projects on Android. He asked few questions about my project and I gave him right answers.
They selected 7 students from this round.

Round 3
It was totally hr based round. He asked to tell about myself except from my resume. He asked my strengths and weakness. He asked how many interviews I had given and why I was not selected in them. Then he asked an example from my life where I had to change myself in order to improve. I gave the study plan example. Then he asked suppose I had an interview at Banglore at Monday morning and it was Friday that day. What al steps I am going to follow till Monday morning. Tell every minor detail. I told hime about my study plans and all other things. He was satisfied.
They selected 2 students from this round.

Round 4
It was also an hr round. He mainly focused on whether I will relocate to banglore if I was given the job. He asked my hobbies. It was a short round.
Finally 2 people were given the offer letter on the spot and I was one of them. (They also gave goodies also).

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