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Traveloka Interview Experience (software engineer intern + full time)

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Resume shortlisting is done before all the rounds. My resume was shortlisted so I appeared for further rounds.

Round 1: Online MCQ test. It contains 50 questions along with negative marking and you will get 50 min. All questions are output based or subjective. Code snippets are given in C language. If you have done MCQs on geeksforgeeks you can easily clear this round.

Round 2: Online coding round on hackerrank and you will get 1 hour. This consist of 2 questions first one is based on hash map and second one is based on BFS. If you are good at Hashing, Hash Map and BFS/DFS then  you can easily clear this round.

Round 3: Technical Interview – 1 (On Hangouts): This round last for 1 hour. The interviewer is a nice man initially just introduction and normal conversation to make you feel comfortable and no need to get nervous. Then he will move towards DS ALGO. Easy array based questions in beginning then he’ll continues to increase difficulty level as you give a proper approach. If you stuck anywhere in giving an optimised solution he will give you hints to get the solution. In my case he asked me 6 questions and I gave 5 with best optimised solution and 1 with a solution just giving the correct result but not very much optimised.

(Note: Don’t waste alot of time in writing a pseudo code)

Round 4: Technical Interview – 2 (On Hangouts): This round again last for 1 hour.  In this round interviewer starts with introduction and then he will move towards your projects. Ask you some questions about project and about the technologies you used in the project. After this he will move towards DS ALGO. This time only 1 question. He initially gives you one question and expect a best optimised solution. Then he will little modify the question just to make your existing approach broken. Then again he will ask you to solve this in best optimised way.

Round 5: HR Interview. This round was skipped in my case.

I was selected for this role in Traveloka. You must read about traveloka before you interviewed.

Last Updated : 29 Apr, 2019
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