Traveloka Interview Experience for SDE2

Round 1:

Online Round Hackerrank in which 2 coding questions and 5 MCQ Java questions were asked.

Coding Questions:

a.Count no of pairs in array having difference k (soln nlogn- hash & sort, traverse  forward)

b.Draw below pattern based on value of n input from user






xox .. [Middle Layer was something different, not too trivial as it may look]

Java questions are basic ones except 2 out of 5 of them which required core java knowledge.

Round 2:[Skype Round]

Main focus was on running compiled code and the approach you write it.

Round 3:[Onsite- DS And Algo]

2 questions asked

Round 4:[Design Round]

Design a payment engine [High Level Design]


Yes I was selected 🙂

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