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Traction On Demand Interview Experience for Internship+FTE (On-Campus)
  • Last Updated : 08 Feb, 2021

Traction On Demand  visited our campus in January 2021(virtually). They conducted 4 rounds.

Round 1 (Coding Test): The test had 6 coding questions which were to be submitted within 60 minutes-  

  • Nearest square root of given input integer.
  • Reversing individual words in the string.
  • Given an array of integers, sort the array according to frequency of elements. Elements with higher frequency comes first, if frequency of two elements is same then the smaller number comes first.
  • From the unsorted integer array, find the first missing integer in sequence.
  • Given an input string, sort the characters under each word alphabetically without sorting the entire string.
  • Count number of zeros and ones in an array.

They selected the candidates based on their ranks in the coding test.  

Round 2 (Technical Interview-1 ): The interview was held on Zoom platform. It started with basic introduction and discussion on my projects. They gave me a couple of questions which were there in the coding round and asked me to explain the approach while writing the code. Then they asked a few SQL questions-  

  • What is DBMS.
  • What is degree and cardinality.
  • Find the maximum salary with and without max() aggregate function.
  • What are Joins. Explain different types of joins with Venn diagram. Perform full join on the given two tables.
  • Difference between having and where clause.

Few other programming related questions were asked-  

  • Difference between interface and abstract class in Java.
  • What is OOPS. Explain the four pillars with code examples.
  • How to implement multiple inheritance in python.
  • Questions on constructor and destructor and order of how they are called.
  • Memory management and allocation in python.
  • Use of “this” keyword.
  • Searching and sorting algorithms, their space and time complexities and write the code for Merge sort.
  • Binary Tree and Binary Search Tree concept.

A couple of puzzles were also asked-

This interviewers were friendly and polite. This interview lasted for around 1.5 hours. 

Round 3 (Demo Interview): A Salesforce based assignment was given in which 8 objectives were to be fulfilled. A week’s time was given after which I was supposed to give the presentation in front of a panel.

Questions related to that particular assignment were asked along with Salesforce concepts. They asked me to share the screen and implement a few  assignment objectives from scratch.

It was a 60 minutes round.

Round 4 (Culture Fit interview): It was a fun and easy going round so that we could know the people and the culture of the company.

And voila I got selected and was offered Internship + FTE.

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