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Tower Research Interview Experience 1.5 years Experienced

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  • Last Updated : 31 Jan, 2022
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Coding Round : 


Round 1:

  1. Basic string manipulation coding (python)
  2. Linux commands(grep, ls)
  3. Flask vs Django . What to use when
  4. Detailed Project discussion

Round 2:

  1. Given time in HH:MM and n minutes add it and maintain 24 hrs format. Handle exceptions as well if input is wrong(throw exception)
  2. Yields, generators, map, lambda, reduce
  3. List comprehension. Add characters to string without loop(s=”A”*50)
  4. Git commands(pull(merge upcoming changes when executed) vs fetch(no merging), checkout, push,branch, reset)
  5. Detailed project discussion

Round 3:

  1. Project Discussion on company/college
  2. Design patterns
  3. How you can count  fan blades if fan is running.(no turn off or slow down of fan,No use of gadgets(camera)).

Ans – A blinking tubelight can capture fan blades for an instant.If you see tubelight at that instant and then close your eyes without seeing anything else , it will retain your retina. You can count it.

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