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Related Articles

Toshiba Bangalore Interview Experience (3yr. Experienced)
  • Last Updated : 04 Dec, 2019

Asked about,

  • Wear Leveling – What is WL, Algo for that. what if we do not have WL algo in NAND Flash?
  • Garbage collection functionality in NAND Flash
  • In SSD, FTL how user write module works ( From my resume based on my previous experience )
  • Trim command / unmapped, what is need of Trim?, What is trim?

C programming

  • Difference between UINT and INT, Range of UINT
  • Write a C program to do multiplication of 2 array elements and some of the results.
  • C++ OPPS concepts.
  • How to write C user define library function?
  • How to call User define lib function in C program?

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