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[] Interview With Faraz Who Got Into MobiKwik

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  • Difficulty Level : Basic
  • Last Updated : 01 Dec, 2014

After 2 hours of gruelling Technical Interview and getting to know that he cleared all the interview rounds, It was a dream come true for him as he got into one of the Awesomest companies in India, MobiKwik. We at faraz_Nit_Kurukshetraspoke to Faraz, from NIT Kurukshetra about the MobiKwik Interview Process, how he managed to crack it and what are his suggestions for aspirants looking to achieve something similar.

You can also download his resume by logging in to your account.

TopTalent: How do you feel on achieving this rare feat?

I was elated on achieving what I was actually waiting for , although I have been very choosy during the placement session lately. Right after we got a positive reply from mobikwik my only dream was to make to make it through. Mobikwik is the only Indian company of its type and it would be wonderful to work along its growth.

TopTalent: What other offers did you get apart from Mobikwik?

Our college policy is such that once you have landed up a job in a dream company ,then you are not allowed to sit for any other company. so , MobiKwik is the only dream job offer that I have got on-campus.

TopTalent: Can you brief us the interview process?

The process of MobiKwik started with the online aptitude(quant ,aptitude and logical reasoning ) test of duration 1 hour following the pre placement talks.This test was an elimination round.More than half of the candidates were rejected after this. Second round was coding round with main focus on output of the code (it was primarily focussed around Java) with few questions from basic data structures.This was also an elimination round with around 10-­12 students called for the technical interview.

The coding round was followed by a technical interview round where the interviewer asked me a lot of questions from the projects in my resume. Some easy questions on core java. Questions around algorithm development and Puzzle solving. The interviewer gave me three questions to code.

He was happy to see Database ,SQL and Unix in my resume and asked me some command from Unix system like nice,touch etc. He asked me to make a normalised database of Student Database in college (main focus on library and Exam section) right from ER to normalized relational database.He kept me asking questions regarding foreign key,primary key and the entity types and the reason for my choice. Then he asked me to write many sql queries , he looked quite impressed. This database normalisation and sql was followed by a lot of question from DBMS like Indexing,clustering,joins and he kept moving into the details of Indexing and Clustering with other questions poping up in between(cross questions on whatever I was explaining). This interview lasted for around 2 hours and also this was the single longest interview I have seen on campus.

TopTalent: Can you give us a brief account of what you felt was the toughest interview?

I don’t think that any round was much difficult but if we compare all I think technical round was difficult as compared to other rounds.

TopTalent: What was your preparation strategy?

I have read

DS and Algorithms Section from

Algorithm section from TopCoders.

Thomas H Cormen book for Algorithms.

Head First for Java.

Data Structure and Algorithms made easy-­Narasimha Karumanchi.

Cracking the coding Interview.

Fundamentals of Database System ­Elmasri,Navathe.

Operating System Concepts­-Avi Silberschatz

So It was not required of me to read anything specially for MobiKwik.

TopTalent: What kind of skills do you think helped you getting this Job?

Right from the school I have made it a point to focus on the basic concepts of the core subjects that have helped me a lot in deciding what all I should put in my answers at the Interview. Besides this I have done a lot of competitive programming at, and also I am the representative of my college at These two things have really helped me in clearing this interview.

TopTalent: What resources did you consult? Where did you practice problems from?

Besides the one mentioned above , I have been doing competitive programming at

TopTalent: Were grades a factor in you getting selected?

Yes , my grades were definitely a factor in getting me selected at the MobiKwik. I have a good pointer record over 9.5 ,my interviewer appreciated my grades . But one should remember that at the end your thought procedure is important for your selection at any good software development company.

TopTalent: What’s your advice to students who are aiming for similar placement offers as yours?

Keep your basic concepts clear and don’t run after learning complex data structures. Feel what you learn, and do what you enjoy.

In case you missed, you can also download his resume by logging in to your account.

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