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[] Exclusive Rapid Fire Interview with Gritika Who Got a job offer from Microsoft

  • Last Updated : 08 Aug, 2021

For Gritika, and for many others like her, Microsoft is a dream company. As she recalls ‘I sat for Microsoft as a part of my campus recruitment.
Microsoft has always been my dream company. After getting placed, I didn’t sit for any other company.’ Being relived at the thought sign off a recruitment season at a high, her biggest moment to savor was seeing a smile on her parents’ face.

We at spoke to Gritika from Jadavpur University about her experience of a Microsoft interview and what others can learn from her experience. You can also download her resume to see her detailed profile.

My toughest interview was the third round of my Microsoft interview, after which I was asked to leave. But, seems like I was destined to get the job and was called back :) Even the HR round was quite grilling, the interviewer was very friendly still the answers he expected had to be prompt and precise.

Your Preparation Strategy: I worked on data structures. I feel if you have a sound knowledge of the various data structures, it helps in optimal problem solving. But practicing codes is also very important, as it enables us to identify all possible bugs and test cases.

Resources: Geeks for Geeks, I owe my success to that site. My college seniors were also very helpful. They guided me, which enabled me to only study the relevant topics from the pool of available topics.

Your Skills: Writing codes efficiently (on paper as well), this helps in the PI rounds as we can develop linear program writing skills. Identifying test cases, as we know Microsoft puts great emphasis on test cases.

Advice: Have a mind of your own. Don’t just mug up efficient solutions to problems, try to come up with your own solutions. This is what makes you stand out from the others when you are confronted with an unknown/unexpected problem.

Resume: Keep it precise (within 2 pages). Highlight your skills and achievements. Doing project work is certainly helpful as it demonstrates that you are capable of developing something useful from just a list of requirements.

In case you missed, you can also download her resume to see her detailed profile.

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