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Top 10 Programming Languages of 2015

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  • Difficulty Level : Basic
  • Last Updated : 10 Feb, 2018

Programming world is growing exponentially with each passing year. There are tons of programming languages one can learn. The question which comes to everyone’s mind is which language is most relevant given the current and future market needs. Let’s see which languages are popular enough today to deserve your attention.

    1. Java:

There isn’t any doubt, Java is holding its position as the most popular language from long time. It is still the most preferred language for building the backends for modern applications. According to Forrester analyst and long-time Java watcher Jeffrey S. Hammond, “It’s a good ‘server side’ language for implementing infrastructure,Large companies are comfortable deploying it into their data centers via middleware, and using it to integrate to all sorts of devices, including mainframes.” Java is actually backed by some of the most influential software companies including IBM and Oracle. The fact that native Android apps for smartphones and tablets are coded in Java gives it a further edge over other languages.

  1. Python:

Python has replaced C & Java in most schools as the first programming language to be taught in the introduction to programming classes mainly because of its simple and straightforward syntax. One of the prime reasons as to why python became so popular is the tons of frameworks available for literally anything ranging from web applications to text mining.

  1. JavaScript:

JavaScript is the ultimate scripting language. Every browser supports JavaScript and with the power of node.js, even the backend can now be written using JavaScript. It has a strong open source community supporting it with tons of popular web frameworks & libraries. JavaScript also gave birth to JSON, a universally popular data exchange format.

  1. PHP:

Even with so many new languages for server side scripting, PHP is still a very popular choice for server side code. The reasons for its popularity are: Easy to start with, supported by a great community and documentation, all modern CMS are built on PHP, it’s secure and has all features of any modern programming language.

  1. C/C++/C#:

C/C++ are the ideal starting point for any programmer. It is the foundation on which every other language is basically based. It is not a very high level language which in fact is good. C is still the preferred language to build software for embedded systems and system kernels. C++ is the most used language to teach students the concepts of Object Oriented programming which gives its popularity a big boost. Last, but not the least, C# is the primary language used by developers working with Microsoft technologies including Azure cloud, .Net and Windows phone apps. The popular game development engine Unity also uses C# as primary language.

  1. SQL:

Data is the core of every application. Data is stored in Database. SQL (Structured Query Language) is still the preferred language to interact with databases like Microsoft SQL server, Oracle or MySQL. SQL is never used in solo, it gets invoked through another server side programming language.It is also the preferred language to be taught in Database Management Systems class at most colleges around the world.

  1. Ruby:

Ruby (also known as Ruby on Rails) is another popular programming language which is being used to create web apps. Ruby skills are high in demand these days especially in beginner companies. The reason for popularity of Ruby is ease of learning and its power.

  1. Objective C:

Objective C is the main programming language which is used to develop iOS apps. With more than 1000 new apps coming to apple’s app store every day, Objective C will remain one of the most popular languages at least for next few years.

  1. Perl:

Perl is a very powerful language with all key component which any cyber security tool needs. Perl is also used for Web Application development, desktop app development, system administration and test automation.

  1. R:

As the popularity of big data analytics and data mining increasing exponentially, R has become one of the most popular language. From science to social media analytics ,R is making its own big way.

About the author:

Harshit is a technology enthusiast and has keen interest in programming. He holds aharshit-jain B.Tech. degree in Computer Science from JIIT, Noida and currently works as Front-end Developer at SAP. He is a state level table tennis player and also likes to unwind by watching movies and English sitcoms. He is based out of Delhi and can be reached at

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