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Top Online Communities Every Data Scientist Must Know

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  • Last Updated : 11 Jul, 2021
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So you have decided to become a Data Scientist! But what’s next? It’s very easy to obtain lots of information online about how to become a Data Scientist, and there are many courses also that teach you the fundamentals of Data Science but not enough resources for how to engage with the Data Science community. It’s equally important to meet like-minded people and have discussions on Data Science, especially about what’s going on in the industry and any new innovations taking place. So let’s discuss the online communities that you must know as a Data Scientist.


The internet is a vast place these days and finding a reputable gathering for Data Scientists is like finding a needle in a haystack! So here are the most famous online communities that you can use to interact with Data Scientists, learn more about this technology, and when you are knowledgeable enough, apply for jobs as well. Most of these communities are well known with thousands of regular members. These include the usual options that you might have heard about like Kaggle and Stack Overflow but also some communities that may be totally new to you! So read on and see how you can meet like-minded Data Science people online and broaden your horizons in this field.

1. Kaggle

Kaggle is a name that has become synonymous with Data Science. And when it comes to online communities, Kaggle is perhaps the most famous online community devoted to Data Science and Machine Learning. Kaggle is also the best place to start playing with data as it hosts over 23,000 public datasets and more than 200,000 public notebooks that can be run online! And in case that’s not enough, Kaggle also hosts many Data Science competitions with insanely high cash prizes (1.5 Million was offered once!). If you want to go deeper into the world of Data Science, you should definitely explore this community, especially the free datasets. You can also check out the code available on Kaggle notebooks or learn more about Data Science with the free courses. There is also a Discussion section on Kaggle where you can ask for advice from other Data Scientists and when you finally feel prepared, you can take part in big competitions and even earn prizes.

2. Reddit

Reddit is web content and discussion website that has a vibrant community for Data Scientists as well. Reddit has more than 1.2 million subreddits or specific communities based on a topic on Reddit and among those many are about Data Science and related topics like Machine Learning with thousands of members. Some of these popular subreddits include r/datascience, r/MachineLearning, r/dataisbeautiful, r/learnpython, r/learnmachinelearning, etc. You can join any and all of these subreddits to see different posts including discussion, news, research, and projects. You can interact with the Data Science community and learn new things, get advice from professionals and even do some networking!

3. Stack Overflow

When there is any technical question that comes to mind, the first place for answers is always Stack Overflow! Since this is one of the most popular communities in general for Q&A on any technical topic with 100 million people visiting every month, it’s obvious that Stack Overflow plays an important part in Data Science as well. You can check out the vibrant community of Questions and Answers relating to Data Science on Stack Overflow where chances are somebody has already asked the question you have! If not, you can always ask for a new one. And this platform also has a job listing portal where you can find the data science jobs which suit you.

4. IBM Data Community

The IBM Data Community is created by IBM with a focus on all things in Data Science! This has blog posts on various topics like global Data Science, Decision Optimization, AI Learning, etc. along with discussions, presentations, research, and user posts as well. IBM Data Community also sponsors both virtual and real-life events related to Data Science as well as webinars that you can view on demand. Another perk of joining this community is that you get complimentary access to a Data Science Course created by IBM for free learning. This is basically a platform for the members with information about data science that is also created by the members.

5. Tableau

Everybody has heard about Tableau as a Data Visualization platform that can be used by professionals to create detailed and beautiful data visualizations out of raw data. But that’s not all Tableau is. It also provides a vibrant online community with different articles, forums, and events relating to data science. There are various options in the Tableau community including Tableau Public for vizzes, Tableau for Students and Teachers, Tableau for organizations with Tableau forums. You can get help and support on various topics, make connections with other data storytellers, and meet new people at events. Tableau also has yearly competitions like the Iron Viz, and events like the Virtual IT Summit, titled ‘Drive Change with Data’.


A study estimates that there are around 11,400 pure Data Scientists employed by companies that have a presence on LinkedIn, without including all the related professions like Data Analyst, Machine Learning Engineer, etc. Apart from these, there are many more aspiring Data Scientists that want to learn more about this profession and understand the complexities of the job. That’s why this article provides some online communities that every Data Scientist must know. However, these are by no means only the online communities as there are many other resources available. There are also Data Science communities on social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. that can also be a good choice for networking. Joining these communities and learning from them will definitely hone your skills and make you a better Data Scientist in the future.

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