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Top JavaScript IDE & Source Code Editors to Use

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Web development is evolving rapidly, so it is essential to focus on IDEs (Integrated Development Environments). Having a good knowledge of IDEs can take your skills to the next level. The IDE allows programmers to bring their ideas to their websites. Coding, modifying, testing, and debugging are some of the basic functions of an IDE.


Modern IDEs offer many features that you can use for automation, visualization, and customization. An IDE is essential for a web developer who deals with large codebases, rapid development, and project deployment. There are some top JavaScript IDEs & source code editors you can try to increase productivity.

1. IntelliJ IDEA 

IntelliJ IDEA is a great web development IDE that you can use for different programming languages such as HTML, JavaScript, SQL, etc. This IDE supports intelligent coding and can perform data flow analysis. JetBrains developed IntelliJ IDEA intending to improve developer productivity.

IntelliJ IDEA has duplicate code snippet detection, Support for Google App Engine, GWT (Google Web Toolkit), deployment and debugging tools, code completion, and maintenance program flow. It also supports code indexing to offer relevant suggestions and code completion.

2. Microsoft Visual Studio code

Microsoft Visual Studio Code is the most widely used and popular IDE. It is Microsoft developed and includes tools and extensions for various computer languages such as C #, C ++, Python, PHP, etc. JavaScript, TypeScript, NodeJS, and many more. VS Code supports IntelliSense, which provides intelligent code recommendations via innovative code completion tools.

Visual Studio Code includes integrated GitHub, automatic testing tools, and syntax highlighting. The integrated debugger of VS code is suitable as both a machine-level and single-level debugger. VS Code also has plugin support, which means you can extend its features by adding a version control system, a new toolkit editor, and domain-specific language designers.

3. Eclipse 

Eclipse is one of the best community-driven IDEs. It is an extensible platform with a GUI (Graphical User Interface) builder and a collection of tools, including tools for modeling, diagramming, testing, and reporting. The plugin development environment (PDE) also lets you create your plugins to extend the functionalities of Eclipse. 

This IDE is free and open-source and has several highly customizable and user-friendly extensions. Eclipse features are a Fast compiler, a large selection of plugins, Code refactoring, Support for multiple languages, and Automatic validation of syntax.

4. NetBeans IDE

NetBeans is an easy-to-use IDE that comes with a simple interface. It supports multiple languages, including C, C++, and Java web development languages. This is a free, open-source IDE that helps you develop mobile, desktop, and web applications.

NetBeans includes extensive plugin support, built-in code refactoring, the use of the FindBugs tool to write bug-free code, a simple and efficient project management process, and Rapid user interface development. 

5. Atom 

Atom is developed by GitHub and is an excellent IDE for JavaScript programming. It is a free and open-source desktop program based on web technology. You can add tools, themes, and features with the built-in package manager. Atom is built on Electron, a framework that enables cross-platform desktop applications using Node.js.

Atom is fully customizable with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and supports C, C++, Java, Python, and HTML. Some features of Atom include IntelliSense for intelligent completion, search, preview, and text replacement anywhere, a built-in package manager, a multi-part interface, and a wide range of packages for any use.

6. Brackets

Brackets is a lightweight and powerful IDE with visual tools that supports macOS, Windows, and most Linux distributions. The preprocessor (for simple designs) makes it easy to edit LESS (Learner Style Sheets) and SCSS (Sassy Cascading Style Sheets) files.

Brackets include various programming languages, including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The editor has an elegant interface and intuitive navigation. It also supports programming in Perl, Python, Java, and Ruby. Brackets have tons of features such as real-time preview, built-in JavaScript debugger, and Code completion.

7. Sublime Rich Text Editor

Sublime Text is a free, flexible, and one of the most popular IDEs among web developers. It is fast with multiple built-in tools and supports all web programming languages. There are Go to definition features, Go to all, and command palettes to improve performance. Sublime has many features, including fully customizable, a plugin repository, snippets and macros, improved range management, and embedded suggestions.

It is a good text editor because you can modify multiple lines at once through a multi-selection option. With the new updates, Sublime is now changed into a pseudo IDE with cross-platform support and customization features.

8. WebStorm IDE

WebStorm is a very popular IDE with different programming languages support, including ​​HTML, JavaScript, Node.js, Angular, TypeScript, CSS, and React. It is the most intelligent JavaScript IDE and is excellent for web development. WebStorm also offers perfect code completion and refactoring for popular frameworks. You can use the Code Quality Analysis feature to detect code errors and typos.

WebStorm can integrate with Linters, such as Stylelint and ESLint. The editor also has a built-in HTTP client for editing, creating, and executing HTTP requests. Some features of WebStorm are Support for large plugins, correct navigation, a Built-in debugger, Powerful and customizable and automatic code completion, and optimal code compilation.

9. Komodo

Komodo IDE is an excellent JavaScript IDE that you can install on Windows, macOS, and Linux. It is a powerful, full-featured, multilingual IDE for Python, Node.js, Go, PHP, Ruby, Perl, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Tcl, and many other languages and frameworks. 

ActiveState developed Komodo, which includes code intelligence, real-time visual debugging, and version control system integration. Flexible licensing options, a MultiOS installer, and a complete feature set make Komodo the best IDE for individuals and teams on the market. 

ActiveState also developed Komodo Edit, which is a free text editor. It was released alongside the commercial Komodo IDE. Hence, Komodo Edit is a good text editor suitable for different programming languages. 

10. Light Table

Light Table is a free source code editor with a cross-platform. It includes a behavior object tag engine and customizable keymaps to shape the IDE accordingly. Light Table also allows multi-user editing support, which means multiple users can edit the same code in real-time. 

This source editor has an in-built plugin manager by which you can improve the functionalities according to the requirements. The UI of the Light Table includes a command pane, file tree, navigation pane, and many more. 

In a Nutshell

It is always good to use the best JavaScript JDE because it is vital to sharpen your skills. We have included the above JavaScript JDEs and source code editors according to features, interface, and user reviews. Hope that the above information may help you choose the correct JavaScript JDE to fulfill your requirements. If you have any feedback, please comment below in the comment section.

Last Updated : 29 Dec, 2022
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