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Top Career Options in Blockchain in 2021

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Blockchain is a technology that is rapidly becoming popular all over the world. There is rarely any person who hasn’t heard about Bitcoin, one of the most popular applications of Blockchain! In such a situation, there is a huge demand for jobs that know and understand this technology and can create Blockchain applications. So if you’re curious about creating a career in Blockchain, then think no more! This is a great opportunity that will allow you to expand your career and become a part of a new revolution. So this article will tell you all you need to know about the various career options that are available in Blockchain and the jobs you can choose.


But first, let’s understand what Blockchain is in a nutshell. Blockchain is a chain of blocks where these “blocks” constitute digital information that is connected using cryptography. This Blockchain is also distributed which means everyone obtains a copy of the blockchain. There is no single organization or computer system that has exclusive access to the blockchain. So it is very difficult to modify the data in the blockchain because to do so every copy in every location would need to be changed (which is near to impossible) This distributed nature of blockchain promotes transparency as the data in the block is not hidden in any way. And it also leads to the highest levels of security which is why blockchain is so popular in cryptocurrency and other financial sectors.

So now that you know the basics of Blockchain, you should also understand the types of jobs available so you can choose the option most convenient for you.

Different Blockchain Career Options

While Blockchain is a relatively new technology, there are already many career options available. Some of these are core Blockchain jobs that require specialized skills while others are more flexible. So check out these jobs now:

1. Core Blockchain Developer

Core Blockchain Developers are at the starting of Blockchain development where they focus on creating the Blockchain system itself. They supervise and design the architecture of the Blockchain and create the consensus protocol. They are also responsible for ensuring the security of the Blockchain system.

2. Blockchain Application Developer

Blockchain application developers create software applications that are based on the blockchain capability and architecture. These applications are also known as dAaps or decentralized apps, and they are based on Blockchain. This means that are not necessarily owned by a single person and are very secure against cybersecurity attacks. So the blockchain software engineers are primarily responsible for the front end and back end development of these dApps.

3. Blockchain Project Manager

Blockchain Project Managers are responsible for the creation and deployment of Blockchain projects in a company. They are the first people hired when a company wants to integrate Blockchain with their business and adapt their technology platforms for this. Blockchain project managers need to be fluent with this technology and also be able to communicate with non-technical people. They also require strong leadership skills as they are at the forefront of Blockchain project development.

4. Blockchain Quality Engineer

Like any other corporate project development, quality control is a must in Blockchain as well. So a Blockchain quality engineer is responsible for creating quality assurance (QA) protocols and automated test standards while also writing test automation strategies. In addition to all this, the Quality Engineer manages quality in all stages of blockchain development including both mobile and web application development.

What are the Core Skills for Getting a Job in Blockchain?

While all the jobs in Blockchain are different, there are still some core skills that will enhance your chances of creating a career in this technology. Of course, some of these critical if you want a job in core Blockchain or as a Blockchain developer but if you just need a job in the peripherals then a passing familiarity with these concepts is enough.

1. Cryptography

If you want to get a job in core Blockchain, you should obviously be familiar with cryptography. There are many concepts that you need to know such as public-key cryptography which is the basis of cryptocurrency transactions wherein it provides the security factor. You should also be familiar with cryptographic hashing which involves producing an output from the given input using the hash function.

2. Smart Contracts

Smart contracts are a fundamental part of blockchain wherein a contract is made between 2 parties without needing any intermediary. Smart contracts remove the need for a third party, and they are so successful in multiple industries because they save money and labor. So you should be very familiar with this concept to become a blockchain developer as multiple languages like Viper and Chain code in Blockchain depend specifically on smart contract development.

3. Data Structures

Data Structures are the foundation of computer science, and they are also very important in Blockchain. In fact, each block in the Blockchain is a type of data structure where it contains the data that is connected to a unique 32-bit whole number called a nonce. So there is no doubt that you will work extensively with various data structures both to create Blockchain as a Core Blockchain Developer and also to implement it as a Blockchain Application Developer.

4. Blockchain Architecture

You should have a thorough knowledge of Blockchain architecture. This contains mainly 3 types i.e. Consortium architecture where the members of a group have authority and it is not totally decentralized, Private architecture where few people are part of a private system, and Public architecture which consists of a decentralized network. Popular examples of these three types of architecture are the Energy Web Foundation, Sawtooth, and Bitcoin respectively.

5. Web Development

If you are working as a Blockchain Application Developer, then you will be creating many web-based applications. In such a situation, it is very important that you have a thorough knowledge of web development. Most of the time, you will also need to create Blockchain dApps that people with no or little knowledge of Blockchain should be able to use so you should be proficient in web design and development along with Blockchain.

6. Communication Skills

If you are working more in the corporate or project management side of Blockchain, then you need excellent communication skills along with technical skills. As a project manager or a quality engineer, you should understand the development cycle in Blockchain and also be able to convey this information to your non-technical colleagues and supervisors that are in-charge of Blockchain deployment in the company.


This article provides you with a basic idea of the career options in Blockchain and the skills required to bag these jobs. Now, you can go ahead and learn these skills from online resources and even apply for internships to get better knowledge in your chosen field. Some of these things are quite basic for someone with a tech background such as programming languages or web development while the other skills are more domain-specific and need extra hard work. But don’t worry, you can do it! So decide on the job you want in Blockchain and learn the related skills so that you can build your dream career.

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Last Updated : 11 May, 2022
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