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Top 7 Tools For Startup Business in India 2020

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  • Last Updated : 09 May, 2020
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To build a startup and running it smoothly is one of the most challenging jobs (though, they’re worth it). Apart from getting a worthwhile and enriching idea, you need to work on various other crucial aspects such as the fluent implementation of the idea, team building for the venture, sales & marketing processes, and many more. And, needless to say, you are required to choose the right tools to accomplish these tasks. However, with thousands of tools available over the web, it becomes quite difficult to pick up the right ones for your business. And yes, as an entrepreneur you are majorly concerned with your budget so it becomes more important to find the relevant tools while keeping the cost to a minimum.


When you’re looking up for the tools to meet your startup business requirements you must ensure that it has the potential to do the job efficiently. A package of quality tools not only helps you to launch your startup successfully but the growth of your venture also depends on it. Hence, you should not turn a blind eye at any product instead you must take a look at maximum ones to find the right resource for your venture. Some of the most common features for the business tools are mentioned below:

  • Easy to Use
  • Budget-Friendly
  • Efficient and Productive
  • Secure & Reliable, etc.

Now, let’s take a look at Top 7 Tools For Startup Business in India 2020 to get your job done in the best possible way:

1. WordPress

Almost every leading startup ventures across the country (or even across the world) has a strong online presence of their brand. And WordPress is the leading player that comes in the scenario. Around 36% of the websites across the world are built on WordPress (impressive figure!). It is a feature-rich platform that offers you to design a website for your business, easy installation of plugins and supported apps, hosting services, and many more. Moreover, WordPress allows you to customize your business website easily and offers you various free and premium features that makes WordPress a most-recommended tool to support your startup business.

2. SEMrush

Whether talking about a startup or any renowned business, to carry out market and competitor research is always the first and foremost task. And this is where the role of SEMrush comes. SEMrush is a software as a service (SaaS) company, headquartered in Boston, that was launched in 2008 and offers marketing analytic software subscriptions. It allows you to analyze your competitor’s site & performance and also offers various other SEO services for your platform such as auditing, backlink analysis, position tracking, etc that help you to achieve your business goals. Also, the enterprise plan of SEMrush is 100% flexible and you can upgrade your plan at any time as well as per your needs.

3. MailChimp

When you’re done with the launch of your startup venture, then you need a successful marketing campaign to gain exposure for your platform. MailChimp does this task for you as it connects you with the customers or users and keeps them updated with your services. MailChimp, headquartered in Georgia U.S., is a marketing automation platform that offers email marketing and newsletter service. MailChimp offers you a free plan for up to 2, 000 subscribers and it offers you a high-volume plan as well in premium category for more than 200, 000 contacts. Also, you can upgrade to a new plan and can start using new features at any time.

4. LinkedIn

As an entrepreneur, you are required to make your professional network much stronger, keep yourself updated with the latest industry news, etc. And, LinkedIn is the one-stop solution for all such tasks. The platform, headquartered in California, U.S., is a social networking tool that is precisely used for professional reasons. When you’re a new player in the market and not having a large network of professionals, LinkedIn offers you to find and connect with the best talent across the world for your venture so that you can build a worthwhile team accordingly. Statistically, LinkedIn has a network of around 675+ million users in more than 200 countries and territories globally.

5. Trello

Consistency and efficient project management is the backbone of any business to achieve success. Trello acts as a task manager and offers you a customizable dashboard that helps you in organizing the work. It is a web-based project and task management tool that has been adopted by more than 50 million users and the number is increasing rapidly.  You can easily allot and prioritize the work, mark the tasks as done once they are completed, create checklists, etc., through the platform. Meanwhile, you can manage and overview all the projects of your venture from a single dashboard. However, the basic plan of Trello is free but you can also upgrade to paid plans to access the advanced features.

6. Slack

When you are working on your startup business, you need to be very collaborative with your team for exploring new ideas, maintaining proper workflow, and other reasons. Slack, developed by Slack Technologies, is a business communication platform that helps you to connect with your team without any hassle. It allows you to have an individual chat with a person or you can create multiple channels for particular discussions as well. Moreover, you can integrate other relevant applications also such as Google Drive, Trello, etc. and can share files or data easily. There is a free version of Slack available for startups or small teams and you can switch to standard premium version also as per the requirements.

7. AngelList

Last but not least!! Every startup business needs a financial capital or an investment at a point of time or you can say it is also a part of this journey. So, how would it be if you can connect with the potential investors directly without any hassle? Yes, AngelList, founded in 2010, is a platform that helps you to connect with angel investors and raise seed funding for your startup without any cost. You can easily enlist your venture into this platform so that investors can analyze and explore it and back you financially to help you in achieving your business goals. It is the most recommended business tool for all startup ventures.

So, these are some most recommended tools for any startup business. However, there are hundreds of other tools as well that can add more value in your business and can grow it with a good pace. All you need to do is keep yourself aware of these resources and use them in a relevant and effective manner to get your job done and make your startup a leading player in the industry!!

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