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Top 7 Python Frameworks To Learn in 2022

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Python is one of the most lucrative programming languages that is used as the main coding language by more than 80% of the developers. It is one of the fastest-growing programming languages that is embedded with extensive libraries and frameworks to fuel up different processes. Popular companies like Oracle, Amazon, Instagram, Google, and many more are using Python in different ways. Python is the home of most trending technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning processes.


Some of the amazing features of Python are – easy to learn and code, facilitates object-oriented programming, platform independence, enhanced performance, and security. It is used in different industries like Finance, Healthcare, Education, Banking, Electronics, and many more.

It is embedded with a lot of frameworks for web development, data science, artificial intelligence, and a lot more. In this article, we will discuss the best Python frameworks to learn in 2022. So let’s get started.

1. Django

It is a high-level Python framework that facilitates the concise design and rapid development. As per the latest survey, Django is the 4th most wanted framework for web development. It offers some distinguishing features like ORM, URL routing, database schema migration which makes Django really fast. Some of the popular sites that use Django are Instagram, Mozilla, Pinterest, National Geographic, and many more. So this is one of the in-demand frameworks of Python that you must learn in 2022.

It offers amazing features like:

  • Ready-made components to use for rapid development
  • It is embedded with enhanced security features
  • Highly scalable and extremely versatile

2. Flask

Flask is a micro-framework written in Python. It provides you with tools to facilitate the web development process. This framework has a modular design which makes it adaptable for a wide variety of development processes. Some of the renowned companies that are using Flask include Red Hat, Airbnb, Netflix, Reddit, and a lot more. It is really simple and runs with minimum effort. Some of the amazing features of Flask are:

  • It is really easy to learn and understand
  • Provides integrated support for unit testing
  • Compatible with the Google app engine
  • Provides an amazing environment to build functional applications

3. Pyramid

Pyramid is an open-source web development framework used to build web applications with Python. It is regarded as the most valued framework among experienced Python developers. It has extensive scalability, flexibility, and testability. Some of the renowned companies that are using Pyramid are App backend, Thinkr, Kallibr, and Dropbox. It is used to keep the core of your solution really expandable.

Some of the key features of the Pyramid are:

  • It is platform-independent and easy to extend
  • It has the ability to run well with both small and large applications
  • Helps to develop web applications through a minimalistic approach
  • Supports HTML form generation and validation

4. CherryPy

CherryPy is an object-oriented web framework that helps developers to build web applications in less time. It is one of the oldest frameworks of Python with the first version released/developed in 2002. It is really fast, reliable, and secure. The cherry on the cake is that it provides a production-ready WSGI thread-polled web server. It is used by developers to create portable database-driven web applications. Some of the renowned companies using CherryPy are Netflix, Hulu, and Indigo Domotics.

Some of the key highlights of this framework are:

  • It has inbuilt tools for static content, encoding, and caching
  • Provides inbuilt support for testing and coverage
  • Compatible to run multiple HTTP sessions simultaneously

5. Bottle

Bottle is a WSGI (Web Server Gateway Interface) micro web framework for Python. It is really fast, easy to learn, and compatible to build APIs. One of the most amazing advantages of the Bottle framework is it helps developers to work closely with the hardware. It can be regarded as the best choice to learn about prototyping and the organization of web frameworks. Payasa Data and Sotong Kitchen are popular companies using the Bottle framework.

Key highlights:

  • Offers features like routing and abstraction
  • It provides plugin support for multiple databases
  • Single file module with no dependencies other than Python standard library

6. CubicWeb

It is a semantic framework that helps developers to build web applications by reusing components. CubicWeb focuses entirely on reusability, efficiency, and quality of development solutions. It powers the end-user with more control over the display of content. Some of the important key features of CubicWeb are:

  • Semi-automatic mechanisms for JSON/XML/text generation
  • Support reusable components
  • Simplifies data related queries by embedding Relational query language

7. Dash

Dash is an open-source framework released in 2017 to build data visualization interfaces. It is an ideal framework that is used by data scientists to build analytical web applications without advanced web development knowledge. It further helps to develop mobile-friendly applications.

Some of the important features of Dash are:

  • Extensive error handling and promotes customization to a high extent.
  • Simple and easy interface for UI controls which includes dropdown, sliders vans graphs
  • Extensive error handling capabilities

Some of the other Python frameworks that are worth mentioning includes:

  • Tornado: it is an open-source framework that offers extremely high performance. It can handle more than ten thousand connections at a time.
  • FastAPI: It is a fast, modern, robust, and easy to code web framework for building APIs.
  • Hug: It is a microframework designed to develop an API and use it anywhere they wish.
  • TurboGears: It is a web framework that is designed to make the development process easier and fast.

These are the top 7 Python frameworks that are in demand and whose demand will grow in 2022. Also, each framework has its own pros and cons – so, you can pick out the one(s) to start with as per your requirements and convenience!

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Last Updated : 27 Jan, 2022
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