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Top 7 Image Processing Project Ideas For Beginners

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  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 04 Dec, 2021
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Image Processing is a tech method that allows engineers, scientists, or developers to perform a set of operations through which it becomes possible to get an enhanced version of the image and also, extract that information useful from it. But what if the number of images is more in number (say 1K or more)?? Will this method still work??. Yes, it will, with different types of image processing widely adopted to date by Google, Tesla, Uber, and other well-reputed tech-giants for gathering more and more data, labeling it in the appropriate categories like enhancement category/ restoration and then, processing the acquired information with accuracy and precision-based processing techniques.  


Thinking why is it required to know those types? The reason is you will understand its usage in different fields of technology and start developing the project/projects bound to ideas like smart selfies, recognizing an individual’s gestures and emotions, and many more – the list will unstoppably grow if you do not put a full-stop!! Let’s take this curiosity ahead of working on such 7 image processing project ideas through which a beginner/beginners will submit a token of contribution in surveillance, the concept of making the cities smarter, asset management, or digital connectivity.

1. Smart Selfie Using Computer Vision

A beginner-level project that brings on the table an application taking snaps of your beautiful smiles. With this project, you will interact with various computer vision algorithms plus a face recognition algorithm as these are you can say eyes of image processing. In spite of all these algorithms, to complete the project, you need:

  • OpenCV – plays a major role in processing the identity of various parts of your face like nose, eyes, teeth.
  • A Webcam – necessary to use as without a webcam, expecting that your selfies will be clicked won’t reap fruits.
  • Numpy – a package for performing high-level mathematical functions.
  • Dlib  – a library that maps facial points of a person’s face with green dots. 

All you should plan for now is to smile in the camera this smart image-based project demands and use the power of a smile in a multi-purpose way by programming the contraction of your eyes, measurement of your lips. This will make the application flexible and responsive by adjusting the measurements automatically and, in accordance, with your smiles.

2. Real-Time Image-Based Attendance System

This real-time attendance system project if implemented successfully will give immense pleasure to faculty members and studies as they have now freedom from the traditional practice of marking students present as soon as they raise their hands. Talking more about the project, you will yourself:

  • execute the fundamental concepts of Image processing using Matlab.
  • And here, using a biometric scanner isn’t an essential requirement for making this project wiser with “Present Ma’m” or attendance records of absentees?
  • The face of the student will be recognized via image processing whose information is stored in some database. Are you still thinking, ” What are those basic operations that mark me absent/present”? Better deal them with dataset creation, storing the created one in a pre-existing database, then train it for better results, and at last – recognize it!! Kudos, as the attendance in real-time, is marked.   
  • Matlab Functions: builddatabase() for creating a database where images of various features are stored, colordescriptor() for extracting image colors with appropriate pixel value, findsimilar(img) that checks if the clicked image matches the one i.e. image already stored in the database. 

So, with this project idea, students and other faculty members will now get access to the power of a smart attendance system that won’t demand unnecessary scans of your thumb or forefinger. All it will look for is your image clicked in real-time………….

3. Number Plate Recognition

This Number Plate Recognition project is a great choice for beginners to submit its well-running results as an answer for their assignments, final, or semi-final year project work. Indeed, designing this time-saving vehicle identification system is incomplete in absence of the OCR technique because OCR or Optical Character Recognition here:

  • can precisely identify any vehicle just entered the cantonment zone or any other venue of this world.
  • And don’t worry much about such identification as this will be carried out smoothly by extracting data like alphanumeric vehicle numbers. 
  • Later, this number will be cross-verified with the information already present in the database in the form of the vehicle’s details. 

Just relax and open MATLAB now already installed in your personal workstations and start testing the performance of this real-time vehicle identification system having the potential of segmenting the current data from the vehicle’s picture so that traffic people can use it for safety and security purposes!!

4. Content-Based Image Retrieval

Content-Based Image Retrieval project, an all-in-one solution for an image retrieval problem that may occur at times you are unable to retrieve images in the relevance of target content. Contemplating what type of images it will retrieve and from where!! So, this project will:

  • pick up image databases that store a larger collection of image-based content in the form of pictures, newspaper photographs, and files collected from www i.e. World Wide Web. 
  • Later, using MATLAB or Python, a method of checking the performances of databases can be implemented (this method works well with datasets like color, shape, gestures implemented on Matlab 7.3). 

As a result of this project, anyone can flexibly retrieve the desired images classified by image segmentation algorithms whose efficiency and accuracy in terms of searching images differentiated by shape, color, and texture is twice that of traditional image-retrieval systems.  

5. Bookshop Management System

Are you a person who thinks that it is wiser to purchase books online just by checking their availability while sitting on a couch? If this is so, then this bookshop management system is here for you to provide information like:

  • price 
  • author’s name 
  • sales and payment records 

of any of the books stored in nearby bookshops. Also, this system is facilitating its users by automating all the bookshop operations ranging from stock management to maintenance of customer and staff records. Hence, with this present system of managing books implemented successfully on Python, you have the ultimate freedom of purchasing your favorite book after checking its availability from this system before it gets out of stock!!!!

6. Fake Currency Detection via Image Processing

This Fake Currency Detection project is a solution to problems that arise due to counterfeit notes. These notes are a form of fraud through which scammers can easily deceive the recipient. Moreover, the currency recognition process used in the project can prohibit such illegal frauds so that it can:

  • detect fake Indian currency notes in a non-time consuming and tidy manner equipped with many benefits of automation. 
  • Also, you will be using methodologies like RGB to grey conversion, classification through edge detection, feature management, and image acquisition. 

In this manner, the project concludes by extracting the primary features of a real and fake Indian note, comparing them through methodologies practically implemented on Matlab, and then predicting the number of real and fake notes. Thus, security analysts and programmers with this project can now prohibit the circulation of counterfeit notes somewhere leading to loss of public confidence, black marketing, and illegal product stocking.  

7. Emotion & Gesture Recognition

The project titled Emotion and Gesture Recognition fulfills the objective of predicting human emotions by recognizing gestures that can potentially communicate messages non-verbally. Sincerely, you can implement this in real-time through:

  • Python
  • Libraries like OpenCV and NumPy
  • ASL Alphabet Dataset (to perform computations for better hand gesture recognition or any other)

to get an enhanced version of the image thereby extracting some useful information from it identified well by the workable and valid image processing results. And if you think about the long-term benefits of such a project, then you may count as a better understanding of human behavior, flexible interaction between a human being and a machine, or detection of various stages of mental disorders like depression, anxiety, etc. From now, controlling emotions like anger, hatred and replacing them with happiness won’t be that challenging!! 

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