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Top 7 Game Development Trends For 2022

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Estimating what the future scope of game development will be till we reach the year 2025 or any other? Yes, you should because to date, there are more than 3 billion users playing games online (as per Statista) and this is enough to estimate that the future is bright and innovative as well. Furthermore, knowing about the trends associated with developing an action & real-time strategy game or any other will encourage you to develop your skills and abilities by virtue of which you can deal better with evolving challenges and risks in the gaming industry. Not only this, such trends give you some sense about the behavior and perception of the audience towards the particular games.


As a result, it becomes easier for you or your company to make the right decisions that eventually enhance/improve the gaming experiences of the users playing games. Holding your breaths just for knowing about intelligent and purposeful trends in game development? Okay, let’s get started with the top 7 Game Development trends for the year 2022:

1. Triple-A Gaming   

AAA is the highest grade given to games like GTA 5, Witcher 3, & Far Cry 5 since the gaming quality is top-level, and players over their smartphones (when they pair up online to play a AAA game) are able to find traces of innovation along with their groundbreaking success when measured in terms of revenue generated. Also, you may feasibly expect these below from a AAA game:

  • Helps an organization achieve milestones in terms of revenue & ratings.
  • Supports cross-platform releases.
  • Synchronizes well with requirements like intense and photorealistic graphics. 

Indeed, such sort of gaming mingles well with the tastes and senses of thousands of gamers so that they can be kept engaged in a way they are not aware of the activities happening around them. But the fact is that developing such realistic and graphically intense games need bigger teams of developers, big budgets in a way that users can’t be kept deprived of the best-in-class gaming experience AAA games create in real-time.

2. XR Equals AR + VR

Extended Reality (XR) can actually make you feel like you are in some imaginary world and you can share parts convincingly of that world with your near-and-dear ones. Making some plans to spend the best memories of your lives in such worlds?? A VR-technology headset will help you reach there in a matter of seconds. Or use Augmented Reality to bring characters and objects into the real world. While the places you’ll visit,  

  • and the things you will see are digital creations your mind is convinced that they in fact exist. This level of realism enables us to experience things in a way that was never before possible.
  • Moreover, XR or you may say a blended mix of AR and VR is making learning easier for people who find it difficult to retain with deeper understandings. Meditating if or not XR is worried about the people lost in their own worlds?
  • Yes, they aren’t only learning well but also connecting better – no matter in which nook or a corner they are located currently!!! Despite this, they all can collaborate by sharing their bad or good experiences with friends or other family members that matter the most to them.

So, with this mixed or extended reality trend, many of the complex untold stories can’t only be told but can also be experienced thereby encouraging people of different age groups to participate in them.

3. Craze for Mobile Gaming

In 2021, the mobile gaming market is fantastically growing as it has welcomed more than 1.5 billion people across the world. Also, its traces are evident in the category of no.1 trending games available on the Play Store as well as on the App Store because through mobile gaming, anybody can entertain himself/herself just after installing their preferred games.

Besides, capturing the interest of a growing percentage of gamers; (like casual, strategy, and fantasy gamers) and other mobile users too that are usually online for countless hours; is something you can expect from this type of gaming. All this is captivating the bigger companies like Nintendo, Rockstar Games, & Ubisoft to invest in this market in which you can possibly monetize players. All this is entertaining the engagement of a wide variety of users/gamers henceforth assisting companies and many others like them generate the revenue.

4. Cloud Gaming / GaaS

Cloud gaming or Gaming as a Service is able to expand its popularity as with GaaS, you will learn how to live life to the fullest. Moreover, the subscription models such kinda gaming adhere to are influencing as well as motivating a lot of developers:

  • as they can flexibly connect a player’s strength with some payment method. It means if the user needs to develop some strengths like engaging a player/players with weapons just like that of PUBG, Candy Crush, Fortnight, etc. so that players can perform faster and intelligently.
  • Then, he/she needs to pay subscription charges, say 5 or 3 dollars!! Isn’t it making developers, publishers curious to create content that can potentially generate billion-dollars revenue for them and their companies too?? 

Without any doubts, they will get flawless paychecks into bank or crypto accounts once their customers/users switch their personal computers, mobile devices, laptops, or touchpads on; use/access remote servers that don’t require any hardware support (such support will be provided by GaaS via physical hardware such as routers, firewalls, & load balancers) for letting users play cloud-based games.

5. 5G to Make eSports GamesBetter

5G networks are better than their previous generation networks like 4G, 3G with their abilities like low latency (between 5 to 20 milliseconds) and speed more than 500 megabytes per second. Now you may wonder if all this can boost up the revenue of gaming companies? It will boost it up because the users like professional and competitive video gamers now:

  • need not wait longer to enter into a prize-based competition whose environment demands real-time problem solving and risk-taking skills which the player needs to adapt as time will pass.
  • And this develops curiosity of winning every game they play thereby helping those companies connect with and serve a wide range of audiences loving them – just the way a hero/ heroine loves his/her fans!!!!!  

Hence, it is the right time to shake hands with the interactive and graphically-intense dynamics of the fifth-generation network and its limitless capabilities so that you can flexibly establish yourself as one of the platforms offering seamless, reliable gaming services which know every in-and-out of this network type. 

6. Gaming-As-An-Art

Accepting Gaming as an Art form rather than a product is something that is philosophically emerging out as a trend nowadays. And it is obvious to think, “If such a norm accepted by people can set up long-term relationships with their preferences, tastes, and behaviors that matter the most in their lives!!” Undoubtedly, this evolving trend through its social elements like in-game charts, push notifications, activity feeds, and guilds; is day-by-day engaging thousands of users via a personal connection it artistically establishes with the nature and preferences of a user playing games supporting art-based content.  

Thinking if gaming adapted as an art form will let many users give their personalities to the players chosen by them in the games flourishing in the entertainment industry? Beyond boundaries, the art forms (like cold and rainy atmosphere, contrasts in weapons, clothes, and music) added in the game will adapt the personality/personalities you are thinking in your mind. What else is now required to style video games in your own art form???

7. Live Streaming Gaming Content

This type of content has a larger audience reach. Thinking what is the actual reason – live streaming content for games available to its live audience in the form of podcasts, live QnA i.e. Live Questions and Answers sessions in which a person (just like you) will:

  • answer the questions related to clearing a game or any other to influence, grow your interest in playing it.
  • Despite this, professional streamers like Total Gaming, Carry Minati, or Dynamo gaming will stream live on popular live-streaming platforms and show their audience what has really happened behind the scenes (in a sneak peek way) while creating videos, memes.

And this is enough to gain the trust of your audience by making them realize your videos, podcasts, live QnA sessions will support or entertain them for their entire lives. What else is now left to do for establishing a lifetime connection with them?

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Last Updated : 11 Jan, 2022
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