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Top 7 Game Development Platforms For Developers

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  • Last Updated : 24 Aug, 2021
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With the evolving use of technology, gaming industries are continuously engaging more people. Apart from using smartphones as a communication device, we also use them for entertainment purposes. This hunt results in more engagements in the gaming industry. Undoubtedly, the increase in gaming industries leads to the growth in game development platforms as well. A game developer has to take care of many things like graphics, visuals, software developments, etc., For satisfying all these features, a developer needs the best game development platforms.


Being in the gaming industry, you must have to use such important platforms to make a game more fascinating and enthusiastic. Such platforms help the developers in the following ways:

  • It helps you to establish a fast and efficient development in games.
  • These platforms help in considering all the facets of games such as game creation, mechanics, UI inclusion, visuals, and presentation.
  • You can build a game in a customized way depending on the requirements. Either develop a new game from scrape or augment some code integration for better production.
  • Also, it supports in building Mobile AR games through ARCore, ARToolKit, ARKit, etc.,
  • Lastly, it offers flexibility, adaptability, and creativity while developing.

Here, we have discussed the 7 best platforms that help the developers in game development procedures.

1. Unity

Unity has almost covered half of the gaming industries. From developing astonishing 3D games to offering a real-time platform, Unity stands on the top. With an easy user interface, it helps beginners with easy and understanding tutorials and guidelines. Using this platform for student or personal use will charge you nothing. However, the pricing differs with different versions namely, plus, pro, and enterprise versions. Furthermore, it provides amazing photographic effects. This helps in building the game more interesting. Some other creative features of this tool are graphics rendering, collaboration, next-gen runtime. It offers incredible and unique potentials to the game creators and developers of the gaming industry. Moreover, it covers all the required platforms such as:

  • Android
  • Tizen OS
  • Windows
  • Fire OS

2. AppGameKit

AppGameKit is another development tool that helps developers to build android games smoothly. It offers an easy interface for the users by using an analogous coding language, that is, C++. So, anyone like an expert or a beginner can easily use it for game development. The best and notable feature of this platform is that it is cross-platform. This means that the games developed under this software are available on different platforms at the same time. The supported platforms for it are iOS, Windows phone, and Androids. Its pricing differs as per your needs. For example:

  • The classic app charges $49.99
  • The unlimited app asks for $66.98.

You can look for other charges as per your needs. Some of the examples of games developed under AppGameKit are Rust of Adventures, Na4, LordZyc, etc.,

3. CryEngine

The CryEngine software is very popular because of its graphical outputs. If you desire to develop the game with the best graphics and higher visuals, this platform suits you best. CryEngine is mostly recognized because of the inclusions of superlative tools like Flowgraphs. This tool allows the developers to build the gaming atmosphere more striking and prevailing. Moreover, some others tools help beginners to know all its properties. That helps them in creating a smooth game and top-class gaming ambiance. Particularly, you can get a definite set of tools that helps in creating animations, graphics, and a better experience. CryEngine supports all kinds of platforms and it is free for use.

4. Unreal Engine

Unreal Engine does not require any tough programming skills. So, it’s kind of an easy tool to develop your games easily and smoothly. Using this platform one can easily amend their games without dealing with the confusing coding. Indeed, it is a set of unified tools that allows you to make your game’s visuals and simulations more powerful. Moreover, Unreal Engine provides a user-friendly and accurate design that offers to create 3D graphics. Some supported platforms are Xbox One, iOS, Linux, Android, HTML5, etc., Furthermore, this platform proposes publishing and creator licensing for free. However, you are charged a custom value for using getting the custom license.

5. Amazon Lumberyard

Its name suggests that this all-inclusive platform belongs to the Amazon family. Amazon Lumberyard serves the purpose of developing games and creating gaming communities. It is an important AAA game engine that features Twitch integration, VR preview mode, and visual scripting gears. This amazon product includes an AWS cloud system that makes it more safe and secure. Amazon Lumberyard is freely available to use along with supportive Adobe Photoshop. The basic platforms that can handle this platform are as follows:

  • PS4
  • PC
  • iOS
  • Xbox One
  • Android

6. Cocos2d-x

Basically, it is a cross-platform that is based on a GUI system. Cocos2d was proposed by Facebook that develops small size games of 1.5 MB. It is a unique suite of game development tools used worldwide. This platform supports various services such as:

  • Community Assistance
  • Scene Editing
  • Resource Management
  • Game Previewing
  • Documentation
  • Debugging

Cocos2d helps you to publish your schemes on various platforms. It is a free platform supporting iOS, HTML5, Android, Mac, and Windows platforms.

7. Titanium

The last game development platform on our list is Titanium. The Appcelerator company owns this platform. Another best podium that supports unique game development features with JavaScript. This platform covers the essential well-organized elements that save developers time from more coding. The free platform with an interface with a single code base enhances the developers’ interests. As they do not have to indulge in several tools and coding languages for developing their games. Titanium is supportive in different platforms below:

  • Hybrid
  • Android
  • HTML5
  • iOS

Moreover, this platform is free until the indie version. However, you will be charged $199 per month when you opt for the Pro version.

Conclusion: The above-mentioned platforms are widespread and superlative for game developers. While selecting the best game development platform for your next project, you should think about the features that cater to your specific needs. For example, your budget, supportive platforms (like Android, iOS), expectations, and game requirements. The use of these developers further depends on your skills and expertise, which could be a limiting factor in any case.

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