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Top 5 React UI Libraries You Should Explore in 2021

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As we all know that JavaScript is the unbeatable king of front-end web development and JavaScript frameworks are introduced in order to gain more grip over UI designing and functionalities. React is one of the JavaScript libraries which is mainly used for designing front-end and mobile app development. 


React is widely used all over the domains. React UI libraries and frameworks are introduced, so that new features could be provided to the developers. Due to these libraries and frameworks development has become more flexible and more creative stuff. Following are the best React UI libraries that will give you an edge in 2021.

1. Material UI

Material UI is a React user interface library that was initially started in 2014 as an open-source project which emerged to be loved by the developers because with time it worked on its drawbacks and came with a better version. Some features of Material UI are :

  • Consistent UI: It encourages the consistency of the user interface.
  • Directly access component props: It gives us features like accessing the theme values directly from component props.
  • Easily style responsive layout: It allows you to design and write responsive code easily.
  • Extremely fast: It is really fast, so it never becomes a problem to be solved while optimizing the performance of your app or site.
  • Work with every theme object: Material UI library is compatible which raises the least errors, and it also works with the CSS-in-JS solutions.

2. Chakra UI

Chakra UI is a React library which is introduced for designing website and React Native application, and it is developed by Segun Adebayo. Chakra UI library has emerged as a must-do for the React app developers and its multiple color mode gives you the power to switch the darkness or light as per your customer’s convenience. It is very extensible and customizable. Some features of Chakra UI are :

  • Simple and easy to use: This library does not require any heavy set up to implement and is simple and easy to use.
  • Modular: Chakra UI library provides you modular react components that help in writing clean and optimal code.
  • Accessible: The Chakra UI library strictly follows WAR-ARIA standards for all components which makes it easily accessible for use.
  • Optimized Production: It boosts the development process as it implements very sensible defaults and gives the power to manipulate as per your requirement.
  • Reusable components: You can use the same react component as much as you want and customize it for further use.

3. Ant Design

Ant Design is another React UI library that is specially made for enterprise work, and it contains many heavy react components. You should have a good knowledge of React and ES2015 before moving towards Ant Design as it requires more understanding of react and ES2015 concepts. Following are some features of Ant Design :

  • Powerful theme customization: It provides a set of powerful theme which can be further designed with specific details.
  • Set of high-quality React components: It gives us the power to manipulate and develop some high-quality react components.
  • Environment support: It supports all the modern browsers along with Internet Explorer 11.
  • Complete design resources and tools: It gives us a complete package of design resources and development tools with great quality.
  • Support many languages: It got the support of many international languages.

4. React Bootstrap

React Bootstrap is just like the actual bootstrap, but it is built for React, it is really amazing and gives you more variety of quality content to choose over. React bootstrap is open-source and as popular as a popular bootstrap for the front-end. The most important feature of React bootstrap is that you can complete it.

Make front-end using React bootstrap, and it does not require any integration of jQuery or JavaScript bootstrap.

5. Semantic UI React

Semantic UI react is similar to semantic UI, the semantic UI react provides you the React components for designing while the semantic UI gives CSS style sheets. Semantic UI is also an open-source project on GitHub. Some features of Semantic User Interface React are :

  • Declarative API: This provides robust features.
  • Augmentation: Gives you power by composing customized component features.
  • Shorthand Props: Shorthand props are generally for generating mark-ups for your code.
  • Sub Components: Sub Components provide complete flexibility and freedom to access and manipulate markup.
  • Auto Controlled State: Semantic UI react library enhances the concept of controlled and uncontrolled components of React which helps you to manipulate props.

Final Thought

The list of React user interface libraries does not end here, there is a lot to learn and explore and while choosing your tech stack or any framework do focus on the uses and features of the library. 

Don’t just directly jump into it by the hype created or the trend going among developers because many new technologies are introduced and if you will keep moving towards the trends then very soon you will find yourself lost, so it’s better to choose the one which is really useful to you. 

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Last Updated : 19 May, 2021
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