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Top 5 Cloud Computing Companies to Work For in 2021

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Cloud computing is currently one of the hottest technologies in the industry and the spike is well attributed to the coronavirus pandemic. Even before the pandemic cloud was blooming but pandemic pushed people to adopt cloud at a higher level. People were connected remotely through video conferencing apps like Google Meet, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Cisco WebEx, etc. be it business meetings, families connecting virtually, online classes, conferences, or even multiplayer games. Enterprises would not have survived the pandemic era without the use of cloud technology due to exponentially increasing workloads and to keep their daily operations running. Every time you download something like software or any resources, you are probably downloading it from the cloud. Today cloud computing is ubiquitous and we unknowingly interact with it more often than we think.


Due to high dependability on the cloud, there is also a spike in demand for cloud engineers with handsome salary packages if they have the required skillset. More than 95% of businesses are expected to increase their expenditure on the cloud by more than 47%, which means an increase in IT professionals with multi-cloud skills. Gartner, the world’s leading research company predicts that user spending on public cloud services will go up by 18.4% this year in comparison to 2020. Therefore, this has resulted in an escalation in hiring the best cloud engineers with an increase in the market. So far the future in the cloud looks quite bright and so look at the employment opportunities for IT professionals who wish to work in the cloud domain. So let’s look at the topmost cloud computing firms to work for in the year 2021.

1. Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon web services top the list of the most widely used and adopted cloud providers in the world with a market share of a whopping 47.8%! It boasts about providing 175 full-fledged cloud services with its data centers being present all over the world. It has a huge customer base with small to large scale startups, government organizations and agencies, well-established enterprises, and leading firms that use its hundreds of features like databases, monitoring, event management, change management, compliance, security, etc. AWS engineers are expected to maintain, add functionalities, create, secure and develop the AWS infrastructure for running applications. They are also responsible for managing the implementation and growth of AWS cloud infrastructure. AWS pays a good amount to its cloud engineers, but the pay differs according to the country. Also, not only the earning is good, but the growth environment is also a huge factor in why people want to work at AWS.

2. Microsoft Azure

Azure is the second most trusted and widely used cloud service provider with a global market share of approximately 16%. Azure offers multiple features like data resiliency, big data insights, reliable data storage, unified data governance, flexibility, etc. developed by skilled cloud professionals from all over the world. Azure has data centers in 140 countries which is the highest number of global regions in comparison to other cloud service providers. Due to this huge network of infrastructure, most of the fortune 500 companies trust Azure. Azure developers and administrators earn a high salary which differs according to the region they live in and increases at an enormous rate with experience with Azure. Another reason to work in Azure is that it reduces the number of on-site resources that are needed to support a developer team.

3. Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Google cloud platform is known for its future-proof infrastructure, powerful data, and analytics, visualization of data, etc. It currently delivers over 90 IT services and products built and managed by one of the best developers in the world. The market share of GCP is less than that of Azure and AWS but the level of skill development by working at Google and with the smartest minds is unmatchable. Google also has the highest employment rate when it comes to its cloud computing domain when compared with other cloud providers. Cloud engineers who pass the Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect certification earn a lot more due to professional cloud experience.

4. Kamatera

After the most famous cloud providers, Kamatera comes next and is a global cloud services platform provider. It offers enterprise-level cloud infrastructure services and products to organizations of all sizes and types. It is renowned for its features and services like CPU monitoring, email monitoring, cloud firewalls, credential management, access control, backup scheduling, bare-metal restore, and a lot more. You need to have exceptional skills to work here and therefore the salary offered is high as well.

5. DigitalOcean

With its headquarters in New York, DigitalOcean has grown tremendously even after being relatively new to other cloud service providers. It is a high-growth cloud-based technology company that helps to deploy and scale applications according to their needs which run on multiple systems simultaneously. More than 85% of the current employees at DigitalOcean recommend working at the company and approve of the CEO. It is also said to have a friendly working environment and great collaborative and team support. 

These were the top 5 companies to work for if you want to work at an organization where you can grow your skills as a cloud engineer, work in dynamic environments, and want a high paying salary as a cloud developer!

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Last Updated : 23 Feb, 2021
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