Top 3 tips an interviewee must have in mind

Often, we underestimate things or just simply, mess up. So it’s good to have a fresh mind with some simple tips to do better in your next interview.

1. Be humble if you know something and honest if you do not:- The guy in front of you is an expert. Do not try to over-smart him or argue with him. He will see through you. Also, speak up if you do not know something. Nobody is expected to know everything. Accepting that you have more to know only shows that you are honest- beating around the bush is not going to help you.
2. Interview is a conversation:- You should try to steer the conversation to answer the questions asked in a way it highlights your skills. You just need to be able to convince that you can contribute in your best possible way along with willingness to learn, if need be. The interviewer should be able to understand that you can be a right fit in the company with the right push.
3. Make your resume carefully:- Last but not the least, resume is your first impression and thus, it should be impactful. In order to create this impact, candidates often include things in resume which look good but they hardly know it in depth and that is not a good sign. So, add only those things which you can completely justify in an interview. Always think of questions that can be possibly asked on the skills you have included, or the framework or the plan of a project ongoing or completed.

I hope these tips will help you. 🙂

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