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Top 10 Website Design Trends That You Must Consider

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 20 Sep, 2021
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Website Design Trends offer you a DIRECT COURSE-OF-ACTION for impressing the visitors directed to your websites. Most significantly, these trends teach you how long can you keep your visitors engaged on various pages of your website so that those visitors may later be turned into qualified leads. Doubting if this will possibly occur!! Yes, for sure, this will happen irrespective of the industry the visitors are associated with and also, your website. And this miracle will be a game-changer for your businesses utilizing well the information available to trillions of people accessing free Internet resources on a DAILY or WEEKLY basis without any confusion.


Notwithstanding, the trends, with which Website Design is surrounded, are numerous in number. But we need to identify and implement those attracting more customer attention and in return, better engagement with what they are expecting from our web services? This will help the other business websites too to blend their thought process towards the new heights of realism amazingly offered as solutions through those trends. Literally breathing about WHAT PART THESE TRENDS WILL PLAY in making the designs/ layouts more intuitive, convincing, and smooth while the users are navigating to other pages of websites!! Let’s know about every possible Website Design Trend which you should consider:

1. Elegant Use of Graphics and Animations

Graphics and Animations for your website are really important as sometimes, it happens that videos uploaded tend to slow the WEBSITE DOWN. The reason is quite easy-to-understand and that is Videos are of more size (say 40, 86, 183 Megabytes, and so on) due to which the speed of the website slows down. Consequently, lesser conversion rates and clicks for sure. On the other side, animations and proper use of GRAPHICS will potentially be capturing and then, RETAINING YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE by displaying an endless stream of what’s going on or may occur in our daily lives via its motion principle. Henceforth, if you are planning a BRAIN-ALERT WEBSITE DESIGN where people located around you pay more attention to it than the things wandering around, you better opt for that unexpected jolt of delight offered by those elegant graphics and animations rather than a video.

2. Simplicity that Understands User’s Needs

Simplicity is you may say a NEWER WAY OF PRESENTING EVERYTHING available on your website neat ‘&’ tidy. This is because now with simplicity, all the unnecessary and uncluttered elements (like broken links, links of external websites’ contents, spammy comments not filtered before publishing, and un-updated information available in the form of old content on your website) will now be removed along with negative spaces. Also, the tradition of conventional layout will now come to a halt with the two-or-three color schemes offered by this newer way of keeping everything simple and sober over a platform comprising of a set of related web pages which is your website obviously. Line-by-line, this type of design will let the users navigate your website faster because the loading time is increased by simplicity. What else do you now require to improve the ranking of your website on search engines when you are quicker in designing and editing simple VISUALLY-STUNNING DESIGNS that can reliably improve the satisfaction level of your customers a lot?

3. Voice Support for Visually Impaired Individuals

Voice support includes a voice user interface that will let the user interact, then connect with your website through voice commands. From controlling your music to finding info about weather, news, or hotel bookings (if your website is offering such services), all this can be done feasibly even by those known in the world as visually impaired people. Doesn’t that sound CRAZY as well as HELPFUL? Yea.., why not!! Such search-oriented commands availed in the form of voice will compel every business website to adopt this voice-enabled support as a trend for all their current and futuristic business activities either offline or online. It can be verified from the research of RingCentral according to which more than 55 percent of people purchased the product they wanted from that eCommerce website comfortably using SPEECH RECOGNITION and that’s why it is another synonym of Voice Support. Plus, visual-impaired people are also added to the list of your customers so you may expect higher profit margins and better customer engagement while modifying your existing website into just the way eCommerce Website is.

4. An Intensive Focus on Creating AR Experiences

AR (or Augmented Reality) will let your users experience an amazing transformation in their ways of interacting with yours or any other business website. With the help of Augmented Reality, they will see how the web objects look till Z-AXIS in real-time (just like the 360 degrees experience of an object looked by your eyes in real life)? Thinking if the web designers will be able to create such amazing experiences reciprocating the reality digitally!! With AR-ORIENTED WEB-DESIGN, it is possible to let the minds of yours as well as the website’s users go beyond the boundaries far away from a fundamental level. As a result, curiosity of seeing such intensive AR platforms like SolAR and ARTE will increase amongst the users thereby attracting better conversion rates and higher customer engagement without any worries of customer drop-off. Thus, you may now expect more empowerment in a customer’s buying process intensively focusing on bringing the market reality in light strengthened by those powerful AR experiences.

5. Dynamic Scrollytelling for Producing Engaging Tales

Scrollytelling is a combination of Scrolling AND Storytelling. This can be termed as a dynamic approach of telling stories or tales to your audience through various Scrollytelling elements like a logical sequence of stories arranged in the form of text, appealing visuals whose graphics are splendid plus stunning, and playback controls that let the user control the motion of visuals presenting the actual motto of your stories. Here, what you shouldn’t be missing is the use of subtle and beautiful visuals that lets you hook up well to the narrative part of the stories. The benefit of hooking up to the narrative part will be that you will now understand how well the viewer gets convinced through the reality of the narratives included in the process of dynamic storytelling. So, the wonderful tool for your website design i.e. Scrollytelling is conveying the real meaning of the stories comprising different perspectives, applicably influencing readers so that they may associate those stories to various situations experienced by them either wandering or sitting around.  

6. Dark Mode that Reduces Eye Strain

Dark Mode is a popular trend for the best website design because it offers a low-light environment for your website. This will help the users browse your business or personal website/websites without an uncontrollable eye strain. Indeed, this battery-saver trend will strongly HIGHLIGHT many important things of any of the webpage’s content like Dashboard, Statistics, Profile, and Settings (bcoz there are two colors actively responding in this mode – White would be for the important things of your webpage currently loaded & Black is the BACKGROUND undeniably). As per the statistics of NIGHT EYE, 64.6 percent of respondents expect that the websites they are accessing are applying automatically DARK MODE for them. This shows how keen the online users are to adopt the dark mode environment of the websites they prefer to open. What else is NOW REQUIRED TO connect more with the dark mode offering cool modern appearance beneficial for your body especially for the eyes!!

7. Neumorphism that Inspires Website’s UI

Neumorphism, a DEADLY COMBINATION of material design and Skeuomorphism (It is a style of designing UI in such a way that the interface objects mimic how their counterparts react in real-time, an example of Skeuomorphism is Recycle Bin). This is because this combination isn’t equipped with any of the drawbacks of material design and Skeuomorphism as those drawbacks are compensated with Embossing (lets objects appear to a user as if they are raised against the background) and Debossing (lets objects appear as if they are sinking within the background) techniques of Neumorphism. Curiously imagining how this has been made possible!! From styling the realism onto search bars, buttons, to reclaiming the tactile experience not found in the flat web designs, all this can be selectively visualized thereby heightening the user’s connectivity with the design of a particular webpage or web pages he/she is interacting currently with. Now, there is no need for any sort of inspiration to style the buttons, text boxes of the webpage via this Neumorphic technique.    

8. Some Retro Fonts for Eye-Catching Contrasts

Retro Fonts are, you may say, the newer version of Vintage Fonts which we used decades ago. Remember those OLDER Vintage shades always driving your car of interest crazily well on the roads of older times!! Are you expecting the same feeling from these RETRO Fonts? Indeed, the feel is 10X stronger and unforgettable than that of Vintage ones because of eye-gazing contrasts and in return, newer shades of looks of designs of many of the websites. You may start counting like Wicked Hearts Retro Serif, Pacifica, Java Heritages + Extras, etcetera!! The use of such fonts will attract the ATTENTION of your audience through its bold and well-defined messages shouting out loud with the memorandums covered by their styles and attractiveness. Now, the designers, developers, or the normal users worried about whether or not the text written in those Fonts may easily be read and understood by them, can see a variety of contrasts across all the devices like Laptops, Smartphones displayed by RETRO TREND in real-time. So, they may feel relaxed as the searches of the content written in Retro are in high-volume and this shows that a user is inclined towards the captivating of these ever-lasting fonts.  

9. Design Systems that Create Room for Innovation

Design Systems are those powerful content management systems for your websites that will be creating duplicate designs in a FAST-MOVING way. Worried about the design templates DIFFERENTIATED BY primary and neutral colors!! You better need not since such tasks are managed with a greater deal of control, NO MATTER HOW BIGGER THE CHALLENGE IS RELATED TO selecting the design templates!! Does all this not sound really innovative? Yeah, the styling guides incorporated by those brilliant content management systems like Joomla, Magento, Wix, and WordPress won’t let you fail while creating your own room for innovation where the systems’ designing elements will usefully be designing the visual appearances of your web-pages resourcefully with no compromise on the authenticity of quality and quantity of content loaded onto those pages. All you need to keep in mind is its scalability and omnichannel support for maintaining consistency and innovation while producing repeatable layouts or collections of websites inheriting their properties.  

10. Geometric Grids for Smoother Navigation

Geometric Grids are just another alternative of ALIGNING PAGE ELEMENTS in accordance with the sequence of rows and columns. One of the well-known flexible Geometric Grids for the website design is 960 Geometric Grids to let you choose either of 12, 24, or 16 columns. Also, these grids are capably reciprocating a clean and bold look to any of the layouts of your website’s designs so that you may navigate other important elements of your website smoothly with a lot of FUN AND ASYMMETRY. Aspiring to create efficient and navigation-friendly Geometric Grids for your website’s designs!! All you need to keep in mind is the intuitiveness in visual designs of those grids and appropriate interactions of lines and other shapes along with the content for better interaction with color schemes and other engaging calls-to-action. Through this, navigation of other web pages by the users won’t be much challenging thereby inviting instant structuring of designs with much constancy.

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