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Top 10 Tools That Every Web Developer Must Try Once

Last Updated : 18 Jul, 2022
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If you want to do any task easily, effectively, and efficiently then you should use some tools. Though there are lots of different software development tools available. You have to select the most useful tools depending on the requirement and technology that you are working on. 


A good programmer should know which tools are better than others and also should use the most powerful and advanced tools. Most of the companies recommended their own set of tools, but many new companies allow them to choose your own. 


It delivers a powerful and fastest way to build & host custom back end applications & web services. It is nothing but a low code IDE and server. With the help of LINUX, we can build and automate back-end applications and web services. LINUX is an excellent tool to automate the collection of data from multiple sources, transform it, and deliver the results to multiple target systems. 


  • Build Visually: Using drag-and-drop programming functions and services.
  • High Speed: Quick iterative development by combining large pieces of functionality in minutes
  • Host Anywhere: You can deploy and host your application
  • Instant Setup: Provides easy one-step installation and the small footprint lets you get to work right away.

2. Buddy

It is the fastest CI/CD tool for web developers for the most effective way to build better apps faster. It makes DevOps easy for developers, it is fast to set up and fast to run. With the help of parallelism, and all-around optimizations the most complicated CI/CD workflows take minutes to create using Buddy. 


  • Speed: Lightning-fast deployments (average deployment time: 12 sec).
  • Support: Buddy supports all popular languages, frameworks & task managers.
  • Instant results: Apps & websites are built, tested and deployed significantly fast.
  • Lower failure rate: It Recover from failures very easily.
  • Monitoring: Monitors Real-time progress and logs with maintaining the unlimited history.
  • First-class integrations: Integrates with Github, Bitbucket, Gitlab, AWS, Shopify, WordPress and many more.

3. AWS Cloud9

It is a cloud-based integrated development environment (IDE) that lets you write, run, and debug various popular programming languages like C, Perl, Python, JavaScript, PHP, etc with just a browser. Initially in 2010 Cloud 9 was an open-source later in 2016 Amazon Web Service(AWS) acquired it. 


  • Without installing or maintaining a local IDE, write, run, and debug code with just a browser.
  • You can share your development environment and code in real-time with your team in just a few clicks.
  • it makes easy to work with server less applications and allows you to iterate on your code directly.
  • it is prepackaged with over 40 programming languages, hence it saves your time and improves the quality of your code.
  • Some most useful features are code completion suggestions, debugging, file dragging which makes it a powerful tool.

4. Atom

It is a fully free and open-source code editor. It is very popular among developers and can be customized according to your need to suit your needs, without editing the configuration file. 


  • A hackable text editor which supports cross-platform editing.
  • Atom works across various operating systems like OS X, Windows, or Linux.
  • It helps you write code faster with a smart and flexible autocomplete feature.
  • You can easily browse your files and depending upon your requirement open a single file, a whole project, or multiple projects in one window.
  • One of the important features of the Atom is its built-in package manager.

5. GitHub 

GitHub is a vastly used tool in recent days. GitHub offers unlimited private repositories and Free GitHub accounts which is vast using to host open-source projects. In 2020 GitHub becomes the largest host of source code in the world having more than 40 million users and 100 million repositories including at least 28 million public repositories. Good knowledge of a source control repository is mandatory for any programmer or software developer because you need to do check-in and check-out of code every day. 


  • Hosting for software development version control.
  • Source code management functionality of Git with distributed version control.
  • Provides access control.
  • Various collaboration features such as bug tracking, feature requests, etc.
  • Used for task management, and wikis for every project.

6. NetBeans

NetBeans is a popular software development tool written in Java that develops world-class web, mobile, and desktop applications easily and quickly with Java, JavaScript, HTML5, PHP, C/C++ and more. It is free and open-source and is governed by the Apache Software Foundation. 


  • Helps in Fast & Smart Editing by highlighting source code syntactically and semantically.
  • Lets you Smart refactor code, with a range of handy and powerful tools.
  • Supports cross-platform(Write Once, Run Anywhere, applicable) and works on any OS like Linux, Mac or Windows, etc.
  • Provides editors, wizards, and templates to help you create applications easily.
  • Helps in easy and efficient project management process and quick user interface development.

7. Bootstrap

It is the most popular front-end open-source toolkit, an open-source and free framework for quick design, and customizes responsive and mobile website projects using CSS, HTML, and JS. 


  • Enables utilization of ready-made blocks of code.
  • Responsive websites in a few seconds using built-in components by a smart drag and drop facility.
  • You can customize it according to their project’s requirements.
  • It has many useful open source SVG icon library to work.
  • Offers an extensive list of components.
  • Guarantees consistency among all the developers or users irrespective of who’s working on the project.

8. codeLobster

CodeLobster is a free, convenient, and cross-platform IDE used to develop fully-featured web applications. It streamlines and simplifies PHP/HTML/CSS/JavaScript development. 


  • It is a powerful PHP debugger.
  • Using it you don’t need to remember the names of functions, arguments, tags or their attributes.
  • It allows you to validate your code locally.
  • Automatically detects the current server settings and configures corresponding files.
  • Supports framework like Bootstrap, Nodejs, CodeIgniter, phalcon, etc.

9. Node.js

It is an open-source, cross-platform, and JavaScript run-time environment that is designed to build scalable network applications and a variety of web applications to create web servers and networking tools. 


  • It is cross platformed hence can run on any OS like Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Unix, etc.
  • It is very efficient and super lightweight.
  • lets developers write server-side applications using JavaScript.
  • Provide rapid and well-organized solutions for developing back-end platforms.
  • Optimize throughput and scalability in web applications with event-driven architecture.

10. CodeCharge Studio

It is the most creative and leading IDE and RAD (Rapid Application Development) for visually creating Ajax-enabled and database-driven Web applications with minimal coding. It supports all databases, web servers and web technologies to make code charge a unique one. It is a complete toolbox for Web development. 


  • It separates the presentation layer from the coding layer by using a code generator and templating engine.
  • Without programming, it uses point-and-click wizards for creating a record, search forms and grids.
  • Provides an interactive user interface (UI) for the creation of web applications.
  • Using naming conventions and comments it automatically structures the code.
  • it supports any database that has web connectivity like MySQL, MS SQL Server, MS Access, PostgreSQL, and Oracle, etc.

There are also many dev tools but this list of development tools is mostly used for the development of the modern project. Keep yourself updated and try to learn about the new tools to boost your productivity. 

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