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Largest Meat Exporting Countries 2024

Last Updated : 22 Mar, 2024
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The top 10 meat exporting countries play a major role in satisfying the increasing global demand for meat products. Worldwide meat exports are an essential component of the global food market, with several countries playing key roles as major meat exporters.

Studying the top ten meat exporting countries offers valuable information about the dynamics of world meat production, commerce, and economic contributions. The world’s meat market is impacted by these top exporting countries, which deal with pork, beef, chicken, and other meat varieties.

In this article, we will look into the list of the top 10 largest meat exporting countries in 2024, and their quantity also.


About Meat Exporting Countries

Meat exporting countries are essential to supplying the world’s animal protein needs. The major exporters of cattle, poultry, and pork are Brazil, the US, Australia, and Argentina. They contribute greatly to global trade in these products. These countries have flourishing meat sectors that use modern methods and meet quality requirements. Their exports have an impact on agricultural sustainability, economic dynamics, and global food security. These countries, which are major participants in the global meat market, tackle challenges including concerns about the environment and legal problems while influencing how the meat trade will develop in the future.

List of Top 10 Largest Meat Exporting Countries 2024

The following table lists the top 10 meat-exporting countries in 2024:

Exporting Country

Export Quantity (metric tons of meat)


7.5 million

United States

5.8 million


2.2 million


1.5 million


1.3 million


0.9 million


0.8 million


0.7 million

New Zealand

0.6 million


0.5 million

Largest Meat Exporting Country – Brazil

In 2023, Brazil exported approximately 7.5 million metric tons of meat, including:

  • Beef: 2.5 million metric tons
  • Poultry: 4.2 million metric tons
  • Pork: 0.8 million metric tons

Brazil holds a significant position in the global meat export industry, including beef, poultry, and pork:

  • The country’s meat sector is strong and well-established, and it makes an important economic contribution.
  • Brazil is well known for being one of the global leaders in beef exports.
  • Several regions, including Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, receive Brazilian beef supplies.
  • Brazil is a major supplier of poultry and pork products in addition to beef.
  • The Brazilian poultry business is well-established in foreign markets and is very competitive on a worldwide scale.

Second Largest Meat Exporting Country – United States

In 2023, the United States exported approximately 5.8 million metric tons of meat, including:

  • Beef: 1.3 million metric tons
  • Poultry: 4.1 million metric tons
  • Pork: 0.4 million metric tons

The second-largest meat exporting country is the United States renowned for exporting items made from beef, pork, and poultry:

  • The US has a vast export portfolio consisting of processed pork, beef cuts, and other poultry items.
  • Participates in trade agreements, both bilateral and multilateral, to enable the export of meat.
  • Has alliances with nations in North America, Asia, and other regions.
  • Exports of meat make an important economic and agricultural contribution to the United States.
  • It accepts technological developments in the production and processing of meat thus guaranteeing effectiveness and quality in satisfying demand worldwide.

Third Largest Meat Exporting Country – Australia

In 2023, Australia exported approximately 2.2 million metric tons of meat, including:

  • Beef: 1.5 million metric tons
  • Lamb: 0.6 million metric tons

Australia is renowned for exporting beef, lamb, and mutton and occupies a prominent position as the third-largest meat exporting country in the world:

  • It is especially well-known for its superior beef exports.
  • Provides beef to a range of markets, including the US, the Middle East, and Asia.
  • Exports items made from lamb and mutton, reaching new markets in Asia and the Middle East.
  • Takes advantage of Australia’s large grazing areas and temperate environment for breeding animals.
  • Strong ties with nations in Asia and the Middle East; participates in trade agreements to assist the export of beef.

Fourth Largest Meat Exporting Country – Canada

In 2023, Canada exported approximately 1.5 million metric tons of meat, including:

  • Beef: 0.4 million metric tons
  • Pork: 1.1 million metric tons

In terms of worldwide meat exports, Canada is ranked as the fourth largest country:

  • It is renowned for exporting meat products, including pork and beef.
  • A range of meat products are part of the export portfolio, with a concentration on beef and pork.
  • Provides goods to a variety of markets, such as those in the US, Asia, and other foreign countries.
  • Maintains strict safety and quality assurance guidelines when producing beef.
  • The reputation of Canadian beef products is improved internationally by strict adherence to regulations.

Fifth Largest Meat Exporting Country – India

India exported over 1.3 million metric tons of beef in 2023. India is a major exporter of “carabeef,” or buffalo meat:

  • India’s contribution to meat exports is less than that of nations such as Brazil, the US, Australia, and others.
  • Buffalo, sometimes known as water buffalo, meat is a major export from India.
  • It is a major player in the worldwide market for this particular type of meat.
  • Poultry products are another export from the country.
  • India has grown into a more well-known producer and consumer of meat, especially meat from chicken and buffalo.

Sixth Largest Meat Exporting Country – Argentina

Argentina exported over 0.9 million metric tons of beef in 2023. Argentina is acknowledged as the world’s sixth-largest exporter of beef:

  • It is well known for exporting beef, especially premium grass-fed beef.
  • Exports are directed toward Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, but they also reach other markets.
  • Global consumer preferences are increasingly aligned with the production of grass-fed beef.
  • Argentina’s global competitiveness is strengthened by its high-quality meat and cheap price.
  • Argentina’s traditional culinary habits are influenced by the cultural significance of beef.
  • The country’s proficiency in beef production is influenced by its cultural connections.

Seventh Largest Meat Exporting Country – Germany

In 2023, Germany exported approximately 0.8 million metric tons of meat, including:

  • Pork: 0.7 million metric tons
  • Beef: 0.1 million metric tons

Germany is a well-known competitor with a reputation for premium meat products:

  • It is an important player in the global and European beef markets.
  • Renowned for exporting high-quality beef and pork products.
  • Germany exports a significant amount of meat, primarily pork.
  • Engages in active trading inside the European Union. Europe’s worldwide footprint is strengthened by its exports.
  • Respects strict quality and safety guidelines when producing beef.
  • German meat products are well-known throughout the world because of their high standards.
  • Germany’s agriculture and business sectors benefit greatly from meat exports.

Eighth Largest Meat Exporting Country – Netherlands

In 2023, the Netherlands exported approximately 0.8 million metric tons of meat, including:

  • Pork: 0.6 million metric tons
  • Poultry: 0.2 million metric tons

The Netherlands is well-known for having a big position in the world meat market, especially when it comes to processed meat and pork:

  • Leading exporter of pork products, which raises its standing internationally. Exports are made to several foreign markets.
  • Trade inside the European Union is facilitated by Europe’s strategic location.
  • Acts as the continent’s main hub for the distribution of beef products.
  • Welcomes the developments in meat processing technology.
  • Innovations improve productivity and the quality of the output.

Ninth Largest Meat Exporting Country – New Zealand

In 2023, New Zealand exported approximately 0.6 million metric tons of meat, including:

  • Lamb: 0.4 million metric tons
  • Mutton: 0.2 million metric tons

New Zealand is renowned for making major contributions to the worldwide meat trade, especially in the export of sheep and beef:

  • Leading exporter of premium beef and lamb, including mutton.
  • Receives praise for the quality of its grass-fed meat products.
  • Maintains strict quality and safety guidelines when processing beef.
  • A focus on creating high-quality, secure, and traceable beef products.
  • Makes use of large pasturelands for the grazing of livestock.
  • Global customer preferences for natural and sustainable products are compatible with the production of meat from grass-fed livestock.

Tenth Largest Meat Exporting Country – Spain

In 2023, Spain exported approximately 0.5 million metric tons of meat, primarily pork:

  • Spain is well-known for its contributions to the international meat trade, especially with regard to pork exports.
  • Leading exporter of pork products, which raises its standing internationally.
  • Exports are sent to several foreign markets, such as those in Asia and other European nations.
  • Increases the range of meat products that are exported, including processed and beef meats.
  • Spain’s position in the world’s meat trade is strengthened by diversification.
  • Spain is becoming more well-known throughout the world because of its gastronomic influence, especially in the area of smoked meats and ham.
  • The uniqueness of Spanish meat products is influenced by traditional methods.

Conclusion – Top 10 Largest Meat Exporting Countries 2024

In summary, the top 10 meat exporting countries including Brazil, the US, Australia, and others have a significant influence on the dynamics of the global meat market. To satisfy the rising demand for meat products globally, these countries take advantage of their strengths in trade alliances, animal production, and adherence to quality and safety regulations. Maintaining and improving these nations’ standing in the global meat market requires constant observation of trade trends and sustainable practices. The growth of the meat industry is impacted by shifting customer tastes, advancements in technology, and an increasing focus on ethical and sustainable business practices.

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FAQs on Top 10 Largest Meat Exporting Countries 2024

What country is the largest meat exporter?

Brazil is the largest exporter of meat. In 2023, Brazil exported approximately 7.5 million metric tons of meat.

Is India No 1 in beef export?

No, Brazil is no 1 in beef export. In 203, Brazil exported 2.5 million metric tons of beef worldwide.

What is the rank of India in beef export 2023?

About 1.3 million metric tons of Carcass Weight Equivalent (CWE) of beef and veal were exported from India in 2023.

Who is Asia’s largest exporter of beef?

Australia held the top spot among Asia-Pacific nations, exporting beef worth around seven billion US dollars.

What is the rank of India in meat export?

India is the world’s fourth-largest exporter of buffalo meat, with significant markets for its exports being Iraq, Malaysia, Vietnam, Egypt, and Indonesia (2022-23).

Which countries import beef from India?

The United States, with 269,097 shipments, China (102,016 shipments), and Vietnam (94,239 shipments) round out the top 3 importers of beef.

Which country is no 1 in beef import?

China was the largest beef importer in the world in 2020 followed by the United States, Japan, South Korea and Hong Kong.

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