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Top 10 Business Intelligence Platforms in 2020

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Business Intelligence platforms are extremely important for businesses to remain relevant in this competitive market. They fulfill multiple functions for businesses including understanding the consumer base, forecasting sales and profits, visualizing supply changes over time, analyzing the results of marketing campaigns, etc. In short, Business Intelligence platforms are like magicians which can take out multiple rabbits from one hat for businesses!!!


There are many popular Business Intelligence platforms that are used by a lot of businesses. These BI platforms can create data visualizations and customizable dashboards, perform tracking for Key Performance Indicators, use high-tech data mining and data quality management, etc. So, let’s see the top 10 Business Intelligence platforms now!

1. Tableau

Tableau is one of the most popular Business Intelligence platforms that is used by businesses to get an idea of their operations using data analysis. Tableau is very famous as it can connect to multiple data sources and also produce detailed data visualizations in a very short time. In fact, Tableau also allows its users to prepare, clean, and format their data and then create data visualizations that can be used by businesses to obtain actionable insights. Tableau has many different products including Desktop, Server, Online, Reader, and Public where the Public version is free for anyone to use. Teams and businesses can access Tableau creator for 70$ per month with a 14-day free trial followed by the paid version.

2. Qlik Sense

Qlik Sense is a Business Intelligence platform that allows decision-makers in businesses to use any BI use cases and find out unique insights into their data. Qlik Sense can help companies in becoming data-driven entities by providing data analytics services and Artificial Intelligence systems on a cloud architecture if they want. Corporate employees can easily load and visualize their data on Qlik Sense, no matter its size. All the data charts, tables, and other visualizations that can be created on Qlik Sense are totally interactive and they can automatically update themselves based on the changing data context. Qlik Sense is also very intuitive and professionals can easily create data analytics using just drag and drop. Teams and businesses can access Qlik Sense Business for 30$ per month and Qlik Sense Enterprise for 70$ per month.

3. Salesforce Einstein Analytics

The Salesforce Einstein Analytics is a business intelligence suite that offers a flexible architecture for businesses to share their data insights with employees and make better decisions in the future. Businesses can use Salesforce Einstein Analytics to create a scalable platform and transform the data into useful information using artificial intelligence. Users can use various BI tools to report, query and analyze the data, and then use data visualization to improve business efficiency, assess the risk in new ventures, highlight unique opportunities, etc. Salesforce Einstein Analytics also provides top-notch security, both in the cloud and on local data centers. Businesses can try Salesforce Einstein Analytics for free and then decide on the price based on the type of solution in the business, role, need and industry.

4. Looker

Looker is a business intelligence, data visualization, and data analytics tool that can go in-depth in the data to provide real-time dashboards and in-depth data insights. Businesses can make instant decisions based on the data visualizations obtained on Looker as it provides integrated insights for making advanced decisions. Looker also provides connections with Redshift, Snowflake, BigQuery, as well as more than 50 SQL supported dialects so you can connect to multiple databases without any issues. It also supports connections with many cloud services like Amazon Web Services. Businesses can securely access their data analytics as Looker provides custom applications, data science workflows, embedded data visualizations, etc. to make this process easier. If businesses want to use Looker, they can obtain a price quote by submitting a form.

5. Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is a Business Intelligence platform that can be used to create a data-driven culture in modern businesses. This BI tool has various self-service analytics that can be used to collect, manage, analyze, and share the data easily in business. Microsoft Power BI offers hundreds of data visualizations with end to end data protection services. It can also connect to many cloud data sources like Azure SQL Database, Excel, Dynamics 365, Salesforce, etc. Businesses can also use Microsoft Power BI along with Microsoft Office and Azure for maximum productivity. It also has many different products including Desktop, Pro, Premium, Mobile, Embedded, etc. Microsoft Power BI Pro is available for a $9.99 monthly price while Microsoft Power BI premium costs $4995.

6. IBM Cognos Analytics

IBM Cognos Analytics is an Artificial Intelligence-based business intelligence platform that is very supportive of all facets of data analytics like data discovery, cleaning, management, visualization, etc.. Businesses can visualize as well as analyze their data and share actionable insights with the decision-makers in order to provide optimal service. IBM Cognos Analytics can be used with different divisions in a business such as marketing, sales, operations, etc. so that they can adapt to the changing requirements of the market. Professionals can also share their data with multiple users over the cloud and share data visualizations over email or Slack. IBM Cognos Analytics is also compatible with various data sources like spreadsheets, cloud, CSV files, or on-premises databases. IBM Cognos Analytics provides a free trial for 30 days followed by a basic plan starting at A$15 per month. Businesses can contact them for the Enterprise plan if they wish.

7. SAP Analytics Cloud

SAP Analytics Cloud uses business intelligence and data analytics capabilities to help businesses manage and analyze their data and create visualizations to obtain actionable business insights. It also allows them to track their Key Performance Indicators in real-time so that they have a clearer picture of their capabilities. SAP Analytics Cloud provides the latest modeling tools that allow businesses to understand the possible errors in their data and then providing Smart Transformations to the data to create enhanced visualizations. SAP Analytics Cloud provides solutions for various divisions in a business such as marketing, sales, finance, operations, human resources, etc. in many different industries such as banking, utilities, consumer products, etc. Businesses can try this platform for free for 90 days and after that pay $22 per month for the Business Intelligence basic package. They can contact SAP Analytics Cloud for Planning and Custom packages if they wish.

8. Sisense

Sisense is a business intelligence platform that provides various tools for data analysts to simplify complex data and obtain insights for their businesses. Sisense provides various data analytics tools to business teams so that they can help make their businesses the data-driven giants of the future. These teams can export their files in multiple formats such as PPT, Excel, MS Word, PDF, etc. and create interactive business intelligence dashboards using innovations in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Sisense provides solutions for many different industries such as banking, finance, customer service, healthcare, retail, software, insurance, IT, etc. It provides full-time customer support services whenever users face any issues. Businesses can obtain a price quote by submitting an online form.

9. Domo

Domo is a business intelligence platform with various data visualization and data analytics tools. Businesses can combine cards, text, and images in the Domo dashboard so that they can create an interactive data story and guide other people through this story. Domo provides data connections from over 1,000 sources and it allows teams to share their Key Performance Indicator’s across the business to obtain a unified view of data. Professionals can also use pre-built dashboards to obtain quick insights from the data. Another advantage of Domo is that businesses can scale with billions of rows of data if needed as it is built in the cloud. Domo has a free trial option so professionals can use it to get a sense of this platform and then talk to a Domo pricing expert to obtain a price quote.

10. SAS Analytics Software

SAS Analytics Software was created by the SAS Institute as a business intelligence platform to handle data analytics and data visualization as well. This is an optimal platform for a  business analyst, data scientist, statistician or a business forecaster to study the business in detail and obtain useful insights. SAS also has a very easy to use interface, even for non-tech people and even more advanced options in the SAS language. SAS also provides solutions on artificial intelligence, advanced analytics, IoT analytics, risk management, customer intelligence, etc. Businesses can use a free trial to know the capabilities of SAS and then obtain a demo or a price quote by submitting an online form.

Last Updated : 02 Feb, 2022
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