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Top 10 Apps Using Machine Learning in 2020

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  • Last Updated : 10 Apr, 2020

Do you think Machine Learning is just a fancy technology that exists “somewhere out there” and you’ve never personally used it? That’s not true! In these times, Machine Learning exists everywhere, even in your smartphone! There are multiple apps you use that apply Machine Learning ranging from Google Search to YouTube. And even Siri, your fun voice assistant on Apple is operated using Machine Learning.


In short, you are surrounded by all types of apps that utilize ML. But here, we have made a list of 10 interesting ML apps that maybe you’ve never heard of before. So check out these apps, download them to your phone and experience them yourselves! And remember, this is just the beginning of the Machine Learning revolution and the best is yet to come!!!

1. Replika

Do you wish you had a friend who you could talk to about anything? A friend that would support you and help you whenever you needed help? You can get such a friend in Replika, a friend that is there for you 24/7! Replika is a Machine Learning chatbot that is programmed to be your friend and help you whenever you need it. This is possible because of advances in Natural Language Processing that allow a chatbot to sound almost like a human being. Replika is especially helpful for people who are sad, depressed or anxious and have nobody to talk with them. And even if you have no such problems, you can just use Replika to have fun talking to someone and finding more about the capabilities of Natural Language Processing.

2. Oval Money

Are you someone whose whole salary disappears in a month and you don’t even know where? Do you want to save money but that never happens? In that case, Oval Money is the app for you! This is a social savings app that allows you to save your money using machine learning. This app checks your spending habits and researches intelligent saving strategies that people collectively possess to create an individual money-saving strategy that is easy to follow. Do you need more proof? In its closed beta testing for 3 months in the United Kingdom, users saved just over £140 per month. And since this is a machine learning app, it will only get better and better by learning more smart saving strategies and you will save more money. And get richer!

3. Dango

In this digital age of Facebook and Whatsapp, what’s the most important thing? Using the correct emoji in conversations of course! And since there are hundreds of emoji’s, this is definitely a difficult task. But fear not, you can use Dango! This is an app that automatically suggests emojis and GIF’s that match what you are texting so you can add them to your conversations and make them more meaningful. Dango does this using deep learning wherein neural nets are taught by showing them millions of real-world examples of emojis that are used in texting. So now the algorithm will automatically understand that if you text “Let’s go dancing” it will suggest you the dancing girl emoji and not the crying emoji!

4. LeafSnap

Are you a nature lover? Do you love going out into parks and forests for hiking? Do you love identifying plants and trees in nature? If yes, then this is the app for you! LeafSnap is a machine learning app developed by Columbia University, the University of Maryland, and the Smithsonian Institution. It can identify any tree or plant species just by looking at pictures of their leaves. This is possible using visual recognition wherein LeafSnap’s algorithm was trained to identify individual leaves by training it on 1000’s of photos of leaves. While it’s not 100% perfect yet, it is getting better and better. So next time you are on a hike and don’t recognize a tree or plant, use LeafSnap!

5. Aipoly Vision

Do you know what would be a big help for the blind and visually impaired? An app that could just look at things and tell them what they are would be great! And Aipoly Vision aims to do just that. While there are already many apps like Google Photos that can recognize an image, Aipoly Vision is more ambitious. It uses image recognition to identify a wide range of objects in real-time. So just point at objects and see Aipoly Vision recognize them! It can also recognize plants and animals, read the text in multiple languages, recognize different notes in USD, tell over 1400 colors apart and all this without an internet connection! While this app is not perfect yet, it is learning and will get there eventually!

6. ImprompDo

Are you ever bored and wondering what to do in a day? Do you sometimes waste your whole day away on Instagram and YouTube and accomplish nothing in a day? You can solve this issue using ImprompDo. This app tells you what you can do at a particular time keeping in mind your personal preferences, budget, free time, means of transportation, etc. It uses machine learning to analyze what activity would be best at a time and suggests that. Moreover, you can also make plans with your friends using ImprompDo. It accommodates all of the group members so they can reach a common conclusion. It will also generate an alternative plan if there is any unexpected change of plans in the friend group.

7. Migraine Buddy

Do you have frequent migraines that you find difficult to handle? In that case, you can find help in the form of Migraine Buddy. This is an app that helps you record your migraines as they occur and also helps you track your potential triggers for migraines. Then this app uses machine learning to forecast the possibility of a migraine occurring based on your previous history and migraine triggers. Migraine Buddy also generates detailed reports about your migraines that allow doctors to understand whether your prescribed medication is working or not. You can also contact other people in the Migraine Buddy Community via supportive chat groups and obtain valuable advice.

8. Snapchat

Do you love using the dog filters on Snapchat? Or maybe you prefer the “ready to party” look with bright red lipstick? Or perhaps even the beach look with the big part hat? These filters are undeniably great and they are only possible with Machine Learning. Snapchat uses facial recognition by training its algorithm after looking at thousands of faces and finding the common reference points on a person’s face. Then the algorithm can assume what a face looks like and attach its peripherals accordingly. That’s how the algorithm can understand where to attach all the extra features like the dog tongue, red lipstick or straw hat on your face!

9. Prisma

Wouldn’t it be great if you could paint like Leonardo Da Vinci? Well, you probably can’t but luckily Prisma can do it for you! This is an app that takes your photos and then uses cloud-based neural networks to change them into works of art. Prisma uses deep learning algorithms to process your images in their own servers instead of in your local app. This may take some time but it’s totally worth it. The photo you clicked in your living room can be manipulated to look like it was painted by Vincent Van Gogh. Or maybe Leonardo Da Vinci. Whatever you want! Currently, Prisma has more than 300 filters to choose from, so just go and enjoy!

10. Sea Hero Quest

Did you ever think that playing a fun online game would help people? That’s the perfect scenario for all video games right?! But Sea Hero Quest is a video game that actually does that! This game collects data on the spatial navigation capabilities of the players which in turn helps scientists research dementia. The very first symptom of dementia is the loss of the patient’s spatial navigation capabilities. So when you play the game, your information and scores are anonymously used to create the world’s first benchmark for human spatial navigation. So you could actually have it all! You could enjoy a fun game while simultaneously helping cure a dangerous disease like dementia.

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