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Top 10 Angular Libraries For Web Developers

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In today’s world, Web Development has become so vast and popular that most of us want to be part of this. And why not? Web Development is the most demanding and highest paying job. Further, it offers immense job satisfaction with a satisfaction rating of 3.3 out of 5 which is among the top 43% of careers. Angular can’t be ignored when we talk about web development. Angular which is developed by Google is a framework used for full-stack which contains JavaScript libraries. When we talk about full-stack, Angular plays a vital role in MEAN which consists of


MongoDB – NoSQL database program which is document oriented (database)

Express – Framework for Node.js (back-end)

Angular – TypeScript-based framework used for single-page web applications (front-end)

NodeJS – Non-blocking, event-driven servers (back-end server)

To get more information about the MERN, read our article, MERN Stack.

Features of Angular:

  1. Cross-Platform
  2. MVC (Model View Controller) Architecture
  3. Two-Way Data Binding
  4. Supports TypeScript
  5. Directives for DOM manipulation

Now, when we’re done with little info about Angular, let’s read some of the component libraries used in Angular which enhance the efficiency, reduce the lines of code, and thus compile the code faster and implementation becomes quick. With this, let’s move ahead and read about the Top 10 Angular Libraries to learn in 2022. So let’s get started.

1. Material

The angular best library is Material UI which comes with unique quality elements and has a drag-and-drop feature that can be added to the application. It consists of buttons, navigation menus, data tables format, popups and modals, building blocks, and a lot more which could make a website look attractive in all sense. It brings a newness to the website and makes it an eye-catching one. With its use, you can create consistent and functional web pages. The features include:

  • Comprehensive and modern UI components
  • UI components work across web, desktop, and mobile applications
  • Full of material styled component 

2. NGX Bootstrap

NGX Bootstrap stands best in the list of top angular libraries. Interactive elements like – dropdown menus, modal dialogs, and custom tooltips can be used to enhance the beauty of the website. The elements include pagination, alerts, taps, buttons, progress bar, popover, carousel, and others which makes your UI look distinct. It gives great styling and makes the website responsive. You can create an amazingly extensible and adaptable website using NGX Bootstrap. The features include:

  • Flexible, Proper Documentation
  • Clear Demos 
  • Requires low maintenance in code 

3. NG Bootstrap

NG Bootstrap is another library for Angular which contains 4 components and it has also replaced Angular UI bootstrap. It does not have third-party JavaScript dependencies and high testing coverage. The elements NG Bootstrap has are date-picker, tool-tip, popover, carousel, and modals. Building modern and stylish web applications using NG Bootstrap is possible. The features include:

  • Can be integrated with Angular 4 and above and accessed
  • Responsive Layout

4. Prime NG

Prime NG is one of the most powerful Angular UI libraries with a set of 80 components. It has a rich component library for UI designers for the improvement of web development. The elements include layout overlay, buttons, dropdown, file uploads, graphing tools, menus scroll panel, sliders, paginator, captcha, etc. It is the best one for implementing touch-responsive applications. With its help, customizable applications can be built. The features are:

  • Responsive Open-Source 
  • Simple and Light-weight

5. Onsen UI

Onsen UI is one of the best Angular libraries, which is an open-source collection of UI components. It is based on JavaScript and provides flat and material designs. It is best known for building mobile, web, and HTML5 hybrid applications for iOS and Android both. The elements include are side menu, tabs, stack navigations, lists and forms, and auto styling. It helps in creating PWA (Progressive Web Applications) and hybrid applications. Features of Onsen UI:

  • Gives Optimized performance
  • Used for Android and iOS
  • Autostyle changes, depending on the platform

6. Vaadin

Vaadin is a material UI component used for building mobile and web applications. It integrates Git and other tools to help developers share and reuse code, and modify it. The elements are kept in separate repositories even grouped as a single one. It also fills the gap between Polymer elements and Angular components. The components it has are charts, combo box, notifications, and CRUD.  The features are:

  • Excellent documentation
  • Fast development speed
  • Web application gives the feeling of mobile applications

7. Nebular

Nebular is a customizable UI providing authentication and security modules. It offers four visual themes, powering theming engine with runtime theme switching, and custom CSS properties. It consists of an alert, tabs, toaster, flip card, layout, input, button, toggle, date picker, and Progress Bar. It mainly focuses on beautiful design and adapts to your brand so easily. It helps in simplifying complex applications. Its features include:

  • 40+ UI components
  • Authentication strategies

8. NG Lightning

NG Lightning which is written in TypeScript is a library used for building applications with much flexibility and high performance. This when integrated with NG Lightning gives a smooth and sleek UI. It has directives and native components used for Salesforce Lightning Design System. The components are badges, lookups, spinners, icons, buttons, and data tables. The features are:

  • Supports Angular and Salesforce Lightning Design System
  • Free and Open-Source Library

9. Teradata Covalent UI

Covalent UI, based on Angular and Material Design, by Teradata, is used for building web applications with some standards and tools. It integrates with powerful development frameworks and tools by adding its custom components. Its design pattern and style guide help you to write better code which leads to faster website development. Its components are nav view, data table, file input, uploading, paging, dynamic menu, dialogs, etc. The features are:

  • Reusable Components
  • Supports Chrome, Safari, Edge, and Firefox.
  • Built on CSS Flexbox layout

10. Angular Google Maps

Angular Google Maps is a library that integrates Google Maps with Angular applications. It has a well-documented API used for building web applications. It is a collection of directives and markers written in JavaScript and CoffeeScript. You can also employ Plunker, having all the necessary dependencies to work with Angular and TypeScript. The components are click, dblclick, mousemove, mouseout, and right-click.  The features are:

  • Integrated Google Maps 
  • MapMarker

Last Updated : 23 Apr, 2022
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