Tokopedia Interview Experience | For Internship (Off -Campus)

The interview was approx one hour long and It was a white – board interview. The interview starts with the basic level and step by step it’s level increases. Let’s go step by step to go through.

So The interview starts with a basic Introduction after that they asked for your favourite language.

The first question asked i.e Define oops, after that some question are asked about the basic  concept   of oops.

Then they started with the data structure and algorithm started from array sum subarray, after that they asked cyclic linked list problem, parenthesis (stack) problems and more problems.

After each they want more optimal solution of each answer you have and they are very helpful while interview  and in those problem in which you get stuck on that they will give hints and help to solve the problem.

At the end of the interview they asked any question for us?

I asked a question that is “Sir if i am selected then which project I will work for?”

That end an interview.

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