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TiVo Interview Experience | Set 1 (On Campus)

  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 05 Jan, 2017

I would like to share my interview experience with you. The company name is TiVo(earlier known as Rovi corporation). So here it goes:

TiVo came to our campus to hire for the role of Associate Software Developer. Their process included 5 rounds – 1 online round, 3 technical rounds and 1 HR round.

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Round 1 (Online test on hackerrank) : We had 20 MCQ questions on basics of DSA, C/C++, OOP, OS, Aptitude and 1 puzzle. Time for the test was 1 hour. The questions were little tricky and required strong concepts of all the above mentioned topics. 25 horse puzzle was asked.

Round 2 (Technical Interview 1) : My first round was scheduled late in the night around 3AM so the interviewer didn’t waste time in asking questions like tell me about yourself etc. This round was more focused on DSA basics and coding questions. He started with LRU cache. Then asked me basic questions like what is mergesort, when does the worst case of QuickSort occur. Then he asked me 2 dp questions –

  1. Find the number of paths from (1,1) to (n,n) in a matrix where you can go right and down.
  2. Find maximum sum path from (1,1) to (n,n) in a matrix.
    I solved both the questions he told me I would be called for the second technical round.

Round 3 (Technical Interview 2): This round started at 4.30 in the morning. HE asked me two questions in this round.

  1. If you are given n stairs and you can paint them with 2 colours red and green, then in how many ways can you paint the stairs so that no two green coloured stairs are together. (Another DP question)
  2. Wildcard pattern Matching
    I solved both the questions and he seemed satisfied with my approach. I was called for 3rd technical round at 6.30 AM.

Round 4 (Technical Interview 3): This round was taken by a manager. He also asked 2 questions:

  1. If you are given a pointer to a node how will you delete that node. Gave him the answer but then he said what if the pointer is on the tail. I gave him some answer but he didn’t seem satisfied.
    He was taking multiple interviews at the same time so he gave me another question and told me to write the code and went on to check on others.
  2. Rotate a given matrix by 90 degree. I wrote the code. Then he asked me questions on OS, DBMS and networking.

I was called for the HR round. It started at 830AM and lasted for about 15 mins.

Round 5 (HR round): Basic questions like Why TiVo. I was the Vice captain of college cricket team so he asked what challenges did you face during your tenure etc.

Verdict: Placed 🙂

Advice: It is never too late for anything. As I am from Electrical background I had very less coding experience and I had not studied DSA, DBMS, OS and Networks. I started 4 months back and followed GeeksForGeeks like a bible.
Try to do questions before looking at the solution and practice writing code on paper.

Thanks GeeksForGeeks for putting up such a solid content.



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