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Python String Title method

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  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 17 Aug, 2022
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The String title() method in Python is used to convert the first character in each word to uppercase and the remaining characters to lowercase in the string and returns a new string.

Python String title() Method Syntax:

Syntax: str.title()

parameters: title() doesn’t accept any parameter.

Return: str, converted to title case

Python String title() Method Example:





Example 1: Basic usages of Python String title() Method


# conversion from mixed case
str1 = 'geeKs foR geEks'
print(str1, 'converted to using title():', str1.title())
# conversion from all lower case
str4 = 'geeks for geeks'.title()
print(str4, 'converted to using title():', str4.title())
# conversion from all UPPER CASE
str5 = 'WE ARE 1'.title()
print(str5, 'converted to using title():', str5.title())


geeKs foR geEks converted to using title(): Geeks For Geeks
Geeks For Geeks converted to using title(): Geeks For Geeks
We Are 1 converted to using title(): We Are 1

Getting undesired results while using Python String title() Method

Example 1: title() method considers any non-alphabet as a word boundary.


string = "He's smarter."
expected_string = "He's Smarter"
print("Expected:", expected_string, ", Actual:", string.title())


Expected: He's Smarter , Actual: He'S Smarter.

Explanation: The ‘s’ after He’ is converted to Capital letter, because after (apostrophe) string title() method considers the start of a new word, since s is the first letter after (apostrophe), thus it makes ‘s’ as capital letter.

Example 2: Different word boundaries other than space, when using title() Method

Here, even though there are no spaces separated words, still Python String title() method converts the String title case considering ‘-‘(hyphen) as word boundaries.


string = "geeks-for-geeks"
print(string, "converted using title():", string.title())


geeks-for-geeks converted using title(): Geeks-For-Geeks

Word around to unexpected behavior of String title() Method

Example 1: Using Regex to fix the unexpected behavior of Python String title() Method.


import re
def to_title(string):
    regex = re.compile("[a-z]+('[a-z]+)?", re.I)
    return regex.sub(lambda grp:[0].upper() +[1:].lower(),
print(to_title("I won't be working tomorrow."))


I Won't Be Working Tomorrow.

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