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Tips for restarting career after a break

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  • Last Updated : 12 Oct, 2018

All of us have some dreams apart from job, salary like travelling to dream destination, writing book, blogs or may be you want to switch career after working so many years in the same company or the company is restructuring. Also one can start his/her own business and need travelling too often and may be you want to go for higher education and it need a prolonged period of time.

Be it your past job where you were supposed to go to a faraway foreign location and its was not possible or a women on maternity leave for upbringing/child care.

There can be several reasons to take a break from job and it completely depends on the person and his/her personality and at the same time, “time” factor plays a major role. The situation of every one is not same so every one chooses break at a certain point of time in their life and its never a wrong decision. There are lots of benefits like we get time to reevaluate our goals, physically rest from hectic schedule, less stress etc etc.

But there can come a situation when one wants to get back to work.They can be termed as Relauncher. The willingness is very important when you wishes to work it means you are completely ready to work. Returning back is difficult because of various reasons like you are disconnected, not aware of the industry demand, may not posses the relevant skill of the time. Relaunching someone after a long break is a kind of risk for the employers too. Successful relaunchers are every where and in every field not only women but men also and in the entire world.

Let me tell you The “Relaunchers” are gem of a workplace. They get time for Learning and developing new skills at the same time they improve family relations, social relations. Also they can purse an extra curricular activities which they liked most and also the most important they experience and enjoy freedom after so long hectic schedule and all of these pour energy into them which can be very fruitful.
We are here to relaunch many lives and give them a boost to fly.

Following are some tips you may follow to get back to work :

  1. Rejoin your Network : After a long break you need to know what is the current scenario. Talk to your colleague, clients, friend and let them know you are ready to work and all this should be done before 2-3 month of your actual will. This not only give you insight of the company but may also help you get an appropriate job. And if your connection know someone who needs your skills, they may also be happy to refer you for the job. A trusted and recommended potential employee is much more attractive to an employer than someone they don’t know because they can’t trust everyone.
  2. Assess your ability and situation : It is very important to have a clear mindset what kind of work you want and accordingly you posses skills or not. At the time of interview, career break with no relevant skill can give you a way out. Interviewer can very easily assess you that you are in rush without skills. Its the time you must be very clear what kind of work you want to do and this must be done 2 months before your actual will. And if you want to switch you have the time to go for skill development training and its not a bad idea to prepare yourself before the actual war. We all have heard “If you fail to prepare, it means you have prepared to fail”. So prepare yourself mentally, physically as well as emotionally.
  3. Update your CV/Resume : When you are almost ready to join, it must be reflected from your resume. All of us either at start of career or after a break have to update our resume. Apart from your personality ,this resume can do wonders. Add all the new skills you may have developed during your break, and explain how these can relate to the job you’re now applying for. Whatever job you are applying for you must be prepared for it. Don’t wait until you’re applying for roles, you need to get some experience beforehand. There are Rational, easy to understand and accepted reasons for leaving your past job. You have to keep the reason for the job interview at your new one. This way, your new employer will have no misgivings about you after performing a background check.
    Before your interview, do some market research on skills required by each company which you want to opt, salaries and charges to ensure they are realistic. If you have a good starting point you can build on that over time once you have gained more experience.
  4. Search a job : Look for a job that suits you and you are willing for. Instead of randomly searching jobs on the Internet, find relevant job opportunities by using targeted search on a popular job portal whichever sounds you well. And accordingly go for it. Search, analyse and apply is the technique which you can apply.
  5. Recommendation : A letter of recommendation can play a key role in providing a better job. So, make it a point to acquire Certificates of Appreciation from influential people in your previous organisation. There can be various certificate which you have got while working last these gives an impression of your ability and capability and takes you out of the common race and places you on some position.
  6. Interview Preparation : Once you have found appropriate workplace/company in last two months now, its time to give a final touch. You must be prepared enough so that you may not loose confidence. You must be prepared to give your point of view on”Your career break”. You can tell how efficiently you have utilized your break and how it have filled a positive vibe in you. You need to know about all of these things:

    1. Check the interview format which is currently in use.
    2. Analyse the job description and responsibility you have to do.
    3. Maintain the dress code.
    4. Your answers must be prepared.
    5. At the time of interview listen to the interviewer carefully.
    6. You may ask clarification.
    7. Be positive and humble.
    8. Do whatever etiquette is required.

  7. Be Confident : Last but not the least have faith in yourself be fierce, be fearless and be confident enough as you were before the break. Try to feel that you never had a break. Everyone has different career ladders they climb at their own pace depending on what their goals are in life and you have your own goals, own ladder why to worry. And never ever think that you cannot succeed, you can and you will.

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