Tickle Interview Experience | Internship

Selection of candidate was solely on the basis of GPA and resume.

Interview Experience

Whole process was telephonic because of COVID.

Round 1: Resume based interview

This is the most friendly part they were not at all strict but be sure that everything in the resume should be correct. Even a single fake point in resume they can easily identify that.

Round 2: (Technical )

It was just after round 1 and they asked me about sub-array sum problem for the introduction, so it was the easy one to grab, 2 question was about first non-repeating character in string which is quite medium

Round 3: They made me clear about my role and questioned me that will you be able to provide proper hours while the internship process.

So the interview is going to take time but all of the team is supportive while the whole interview, just be clear about your concepts.

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