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TIBCO Interview Experience for Associate Engineer

  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 31 Mar, 2021

Hi people,

I was interviewed at TIBCO a few days back. All the rounds were online. 

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Online Assessment: CCAT test. 50 questions in 20 mins. Practice well before the assessment since TIBCO has a cooling period of 1 year. There are many online platforms where you can prepare for CCAT.

Technical Interview 1: After 3 days I got a call for scheduling a technical Interview. The questions included–

  1. The Best algorithm for searching and sorting and their time complexity
  2. Program to Add a node to linkedList.
  3. Third Question
    String a = “hi”;    
    String a2= new String(“hi”);  
    String a3 = new String(a2);  
    Map<String,String>  h = new HashMap<>();
    a==a2 //  false  
    a2==a3 // false  
    a ==a3 // false
    h.put(a, “1”);  
    h.put(a2, “1”);  
    h.put(a3, “1”);  
    h.size();  // 1
  4. Fourth Question


    class Student{
    Private  int rollno,age;
    Private string name;
    Student(int rollno, int age, String name){
    This.age = age;
    This.rollno = rollno;
    Student s1 = new Student(1, 20, “ram” );
    Student s2 = new Student(1, 20, “ram” );
    Student s3 = new Student(1, 20, “ram” );
    Map<Student,String>  h = new HashMap<>();
    h.put(s1, “1”);
    h.put(s2, “2”);  
    h.put(s3, “3”);  
    h.size(); //3
  5. SQL query to get the name of the student who secured the 5th highest marks in the table.

Technical Interview 2: 

  1. Introduction
  2. Why I am looking for a change
  3. Why Tibco,
  4. Projects I have worked on and 
  5. Then using an online compiler they jumped to programming– Tower of Hanoi, write a utility class for a deck of cards

Technical Interview 3: Introduction, Projects I have worked on, program on swapping nodes in tree, 

  1. First Question
    String s= “{   a  {  b  {   c   }  {   d   }   }    }”
    Print pair of matching braces and their location/index
  2. People outside in a Queue. Only 1 person can enter at a time. When Person exits next person can enter. Implement using Java.

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