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TIAA Interview Experience | On-Campus 2020

  • Last Updated : 21 Oct, 2020

I’m a BTech student and TIAA came on campus for us, role was Trainee. The Interview process was fully virtual due to COVID 19. There was an aptitude test consisting with following pattern:

Test Pattern: 90 mins ((Aptitude + Technical): 60 mins + Coding: 30 mins)

(Aptitude + Technical) Test will be having 4 section- English, Analytical, Quant and Technical.

After clearing the test 37 candidates were shortlisted for the 2 round interview process. All rounds are elimination rounds.

Round 1 : Technical

It was virtual Interview over zoom call, 1:1 interaction was of about 50-60mins length. They started with the basic question of, Tell me about yourself. I described my recent Internship in which I worked with AWS and MongoDB which was catchy to the interviewer and he then followed my lead and asked me questions related to AWS and MongoDB, I was able to answer some and for some I said that I have just started learning AWS. Then he asked me about the difference between NoSQL datastores and SQL datastores, which I was able to answer easily. After that since I had both JAVA and Python on my CV, he asked me which language is better. So I said both languages hold equal importance, JAVA is important to learn basic programming better whereas Python is helping grow new technologies like AI and ML. Then he asked me if JAVA has more short codes or Python (I know the obvious answer is Python), I said majorly python but it may happen at times that JAVA is offers smaller code. I was not asked DS, OS, CN etc. The interviewer seemed pretty happy and said that I am a quick learner seeing my profile.

I was able to clear the first round. They selected 17 candidates for round 2 out of 37.

Round 2 : Managerial Round

This can be said as HR round and eliminations happens in this round too. The first question was again, tell me about yourself, since it was an HR round I described my family and background. I was again asked questions on my CV. I was asked to how would I improvise my DBMS project in terms of consistency. I was again asked about SQL and NoSQL difference and which one to pick. I was questioned again on AWS fundamentals. I was fairly able to answer the technical questions in this round. Following technical questions were HR questions. First was – What do you know about TIAA and Why do you wanna join. Then what are your future plans ( Just to check how long you will last in the company or you will resign soon). Then there were situational questions, like was there a time while working in a team that your team member was not working or there were creative conflicts, what did you do to resolve them. Last was list three of your qualities for which I should hire you, I answered with team player, curious and quick learner. The interviewer seemed impress and complimented me. The interview lasted 50-60mins.

After two days results were declared and they picked 5 candidates out of 17 in the managerial round and they were hired.

The questions asked were different for all candidates some were asked questions on DS, OS, CN and DBMS, it varied from interviewer to interviewer. The whole process took 8 days after declaration of the results of the aptitude test.

NOTE: Read your CV before anything, major questions come from there.

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