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ThoughtWorks Interview Experience

  • Last Updated : 08 Feb, 2021

ThoughtWorks Interview Experience

STEP program by ThoughtWorks for Diploma Students

STEP is a twenty-month long intensive entry-level programme which follows a unique “work while you study” methodology that offers the chance to learn theory and apply it while working.  

The interview procedures are follows:

There is an aptitude test as a first round. Once we register for the STEP they will mail the hallticket. The aptitude test is taken from a software company which will be near to your place. Aptitude test is an MCQ test in which they will ask some simple maths problems. They are the basic Maths. Anyone who knows series, AP etc. can simply pass it.

Then the result that if you are selected for the next round will be mailed to you. If selected there is a telephonic interview round. It’s just a personal round in which they will ask you about yourself like what’s your ambition , what are you doing, your interests and all. Anyone can pass it simply. Next and the final round is held at one of the ThoughtWorks office.

You can select any of the office as per your comfortability. In the final interview they will ask simple Programs like finding largest number if you are CSE and some simple maths problems and riddles. 10 th standard knowledge in maths is more than enough to pass the maths problems. They will provide the breakfast and lunch for the interview day.

And if selected you will get the mail and You are welcome to ThoughtWorks family.

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