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ThoughtWorks Interview Experience | (On-Campus)

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In October 2018 ThoughtWorks visited our campus we had a total of 5 rounds. This was held on our college campus.

Round 1: Algorithm Coding Round 

This round was held on the HackerEarth platform. There was only one question which was to be solved in 45 minutes.

Given a String ‘3(ab)4(cd)’ expand it to -> ‘abababcdcdcdcd’.

Round 2: Pair Programming Round

After first round, about 30 students were shortlisted for this round. In this round we had to solve a problem using an Object Oriented Approach and we were paired with a ThoughtWorker. THis round was for about 2 hours.

Round 3: 1st Technical Interview

After the 2nd round about 15 students were selected for this round. 2 ThoughtWorkers paired and asked me Technical questions on DSA, Java, Networking etc. Some questions were:

  • Given the address of a particular node. Delete that node in a Double Linked List.
  • Same question for a Circular Linked List.
  • Given the address of a particular node but the address of the head is not given. Delete that node in a Singly Linked List.
  • How will you detect a loop in a Linked List?
  • What is HashMap?
  • Internal Workings of a HashMap?
  • What is Hashing?
  • What is Dynamic Programming?
  • A program to find the different ways we can get a sum from the elements of an array.
  • What are the different Sorting Techniques?
  • Time Complexity of Quick sort?
  • Explain Quick Sort.
  • Derive the time complexity of Quick sort.
  • How will you distinguish between duplicate values in a Table.
  • Write the QUERY to create a Table.
  • What is the difference between varchar and varchar2?
  • What is indexing?
  • Disadvantages of Indexing?
  • What are decorators?
  • What are iterables?
  • Mention the two main properties of iterables.

They also asked me some questions related to my Projects.

Round 4: 2nd Technical Interview

I mentioned in my introduction that I liked movies and studying movies.

So they just asked me to design a Movie Recommendation App. We discussed and they mentioned the different features that they would like to have and I explained how I would implement them.

Round 5: ThoughtWorks 3 Pillar round

This was a Skype Interview. The interviewer asked me about the different problems in our society right now. Caste System, LGBT, Beef Ban, Women Empowerment and some other topics. This round was also around 40 mins.

Try to explain clearly what are your views on different topics asked. The interviewer was very friendly.

Round 6: Leadership round

This was the shortest round, lasted for about 25 mins. The interview asked me about myself and what my future goals were, which fields interested me. My strengths, some characteristics of people which I don’t like how I would approach such people and some other questions.



The Interviewers are very helpful and they’ll help you if you’re stuck. Try to be comfortable, don’t be nervous. Approach it like a discussion and ask questions when you’re stuck.

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Last Updated : 16 Jun, 2019
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