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Thorogood Internship Interview Experience
  • Last Updated : 09 Feb, 2019

Round 1: First Round was an online test, In the online test we had two categories, First category was to write an essay, with two choices

1.What do  you think about thorogood, How do you face challenges in the company?

2.How do you manage when you are moving from one city to another for work ?

After that you had to do aptitude questions such as Data interpretation, Data sufficiency, verbal reasoning and logical reasoning.

Time wasn’t that sufficient, we have to be fast as we can.

Out of 87 twelve were qualified for 2nd round.I was one of them

Round 2: We had both Skype interview and Face to face interview in the campus, I had face to face interview, In face to face interview they asked to introduce about me and then asked me to explain my projects.They questioned A-Z from my projects, So if you are planning to attend be thorough with your projects, The interviewer notes down whatever you have been saying and asks from it.Finally I was asked to ask a question.That’s it

Only two of them got selected from the interview.


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