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ThinkTankers Interview Experience

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  • Last Updated : 04 Feb, 2016
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It is the best interview I had ever faced. The interview procedure justifies the name of the company.

The interview procedure consists of 3 rounds.

Round I: This round is an offline written test with 40 questions.

20 aptitude.

20 English comprehension.

A total of around 160 students appeared for the test and only 24 made it to the next round.

Round II: This is the craziest round I had ever attempted. This round is called as ‘The blank paper test’. As the name suggest, we were given a blank paper and asked to write the details on the top of the paper and asked us to do whatever we wish to do with that paper. The time allotted is 20 min. The candidates who did best got call

Round III: This round is held at the Head Quarters of the company at Hyderabad. My interview took place for 1 hour. There are questions from my project and remaining of them are from C, Java, Python and regarding web technologies like HTML, CSS, JS. There are various coding questions asked to solve.

  1. 1+2*3+4*5+6*….. (n terms)
  2. 1+2*3+4*5*6+7*8*9*10+…. (n terms)

We have to write code implementing the series.

There are various questions on Overloading, overriding, inheritance, String vs. String buffer vs. String builder classes.

Thanks to GeeksforGeeks for providing with valuable information. I’m able to answer most of the questions. I recommend every interviewee to go through GeeksforGeeks before attempting any interview. Thank you Geeks!!


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