The Lottery Ticket Hypothesis

The Lottery Ticket Hypothesis has been presented in the form of a research paper at ICLR 2019 by MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab. This paper has been awarded the Best Paper Award in ICLR 2019.

Background: Network Pruning
Pruning basically means reducing the extent of a neural network by removing superfluous and unwanted parts. Network Pruning is a commonly used practise to reduce the size, storage and computational space occupied by a neural network. Like – Fitting an entire neural network in your phone. The idea of Network Pruning was originated in the 1990s which was later popularized in 2015.
How do you “prune” a neural network?
We can summarize the process of pruning into 4 major steps:

  1. Train the Network
  2. Remove superflous structures
  3. Fine-tune the network
  4. Optionally : Repeat the Step 2 and 3 iteratively

But, before we further move ahead, you must know :