Testbook Interview Experience

Name – Abhinav Garg
College Name – Jaypee institute of information technology , Sector 62,Noida
Branch – CSE
Company Name – Testbook (Navi Mumbai )
Profile – Software Developer

There are a total of 4 rounds, 1 Aptitude + 1 Resume Shortlist + 2 Tech Rounds.
Aptitude round: Aptitude round was held on their own platform, There were 75 questions ( 25 Logical + 25 Quantitative + 25 C Programming & Basics of OS ). Time given was very less i.e. 40 mins. There was 1 mark for each correct answer and negative marking of 0.25 marks was there for each incorrect answer. Aptitude round was quite competitive and around 80 students were shortlisted from 750 students. There portal was quite impressive and the report of the test was shared immediately through the mail. The average Cutoff for this round was 35 marks.

Resume Shortlist round: After the results of the Online Test, we were asked to upload our resume on the dropbox (Linked shared by them) and after resume shortlisting around 26 students were shortlisted for tech interviews.

Tech Round 1: The interviewer was very kind and polite, he asked me for water or anything and then he started the interview. He started asking basic questions from my resume like Why B.Tech and what you have studied till now and in which subject you are strong? Then he came on asking about my project. He was very interested in the project and asked me to explain fairly on the paper. Then he asked me to explain the algorithm used in the project and then he asked a few tricky questions on that algorithm. I was able to answer some of them and for rest, I gave him a basic idea. He was satisfied.

Then he asked some puzzles from GeeksforGeeks:

  1. Puzzle 13 | (100 Prisoners with Red/Black Hats)
  2. Puzzle | Divide a Square into 5 parts such that 4 parts among them are equal
  3. Puzzle 27 | (Hourglasses Puzzle)

I had studied them all on GeeksforGeeks so I acted well about not knowing them but he caught me, and gave me a different puzzle, I approached the solution in the manner he was expecting. Then he asked me basic questions of Data Structures and algorithms mostly depending upon linked List and hash maps.

  1. Write a code for checking if any loop exists in the linked list in O(n) time. I gave him the approach of slow pointer and fast pointer, he asked me to give another approach I gave him approach using hashing and storing address
  2. Write a code for reversing a linked list in O(1) space. This is a basic question and an easy one.
  3. Write a code to sort an array of 0, 1, 2. I gave him a basic approach to sorting and then he asked me to optimize it. So I solved the problem using the Dutch National Flag algorithm.
  4. Check for the duplicate elements in an array in O(1) extra space and O(n) time. This was a trick question for me and I think about it a lot then he gave me an idea to solve it and I was able to reach the solution.

After these 4 questions, he asked me basic questions of Android as my project was in android and then he asked me to wait for results. This interview lasted around 50-55 mins. After half an hour around 12 students were shortlisted for the next interview round.

Tech Round 2: This round was taken by the CTO of the company. I entered the room and he stood up for a handshake. The interviewer was very kind. Firstly he made me clear that there is no need to be nervous as he won’t be focusing on any particular subject or algorithm but he will be checking my pressure condition and my ability to learn.

Firstly he asked me to introduce myself. I introduced myself self and then I asked what’s different in me that’s not written in my resume. I told him that I love to be a part of political discussions but he was not impressed by my answer. He saw my resume for about 3-4 mins and asked me a question related to android.

  1. What is Activity Life Cycle in android?
  2. Asked about my projects. I told him about my projects and later he asked me a question about my project.
  3. How did you link Android Application with Machine Learning Code?

I gave him the answer – using HTTP client and then asked me what is HTTP? I told him about HTTP then asked me the full form of HTTP – I told him hypertext transfer protocol then he asked me what do you mean by protocol – I told him a well-defined set of rules is known as protocol. Then he asked me what are the set of rules for Http?

I got tricked. This was the question I have never heard of. Somehow I managed to give a little bit of the answer he was expecting.

Then he asked me what is DNS? I told him about DNS. The next question was the difference between HTTP and DNS. I explained to him very well the difference between HTTP and DNS. Then he asked me if any project I am currently working on. I told him about my college project. Then he asked me what’s the problem Statement and how I am approaching the solution.

I told him about my approach and steps to the completion of the project, Then he suggested me some other methods to solve the problem for optimal performance. Then he asked a few problems bases on mathematics.

  1. He asked me to find (49)^2 i.e Square of 49 without pen and paper. I told him using the method I learned from YouTube but he gave me a better method to solve. Think 49 as (50-1) and find the square of it using the identity.
  2. Then he asked me to find 83×97 without pen and paper. I told him to write 97 as (100-3) and then solve it.

Then he asked me why I want this job? I gave him a basic and common answer that I studied on Quora. Then he asked my profile preference and grilled me why that only and why not other profile.

Company was hiring for –

  • Android Developer
  • Backend developer
  • Product Analyst
  • Product manager

I answered back-end developer and he grilled me that why I was not interested in Product Analyst and Product Manager. Then he asked me whether I have used there site ever or not ? I answered yes. As I practiced a little bit of Aptitude from the site, so he asked me about the interface and user experience and asked me to suggest some changes to the website. I suggested some changes and he was happy with my answer.

This interview lasted around 1.25 hours and after a long day, we were asked to go back and wait for the results. And I was selected, total of 6 students were selected ( 5 Software Developer + 1 Product Analyst )

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