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Tesco interview Experience for full time (on campus)

  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 05 Dec, 2018

Round 1: 

First round was an online coding Test on Hacker Rank.  We need to solve two questions in 90 minutes


Q2) We need to design a special stack that supports the following operations.

  1. push a (push a onto the stack)
  2. pop
  3. inc a b  (increment last b elements of a stack by a)

After each operation we need to print top of a stack. If stack is empty print “EMPTY”

Note: a, b are integers


Sample test case
push 25
push 5
push 10
push 12
inc 2 2


I have done 2 questions. 15 students were shortlisted for next round among 70 students.students who have done one question completely and some basic test cases for 2nd question were also shortlisted

Round 2 (Technical Round):

  1. What did you learn in your 4 years of  B.Tech
  2. He asked me many question on OS. I am writing only some questions which i remember
  • Different scheduling Algorithms.
  • How do you assign priority values to a process i.e. which process has higher priority and low priority
  • Multi-core vs multi-threading. At max how many threads can you create in a process
  • What is dead lock? How will you handle deadlocks(Bankers algorithm, Resource allocation graph)
  1. Then he asked some questions on Computer Networks
  • What is FTP
  • TCP vs UDP
  • What does transport layer do? What is Congestion control and flow control?
  • Which protocol is used for sending mail?
  • NOTE:
  • Basically the way you answer will drive the interview.Interviewer generally try pick the question from your previous answer. so what ever you are answering you must be 100% sure.
  1. Write a program to find whether a given linked list is a palindrome or not? (In one traversal only). I was asked to write the entire program (in online compiler) and the interviewer checked the code against various edge cases.


Round 3:

This was a HR round. All the 15 candidates had HR round (independent of technical round performance).

  1. Tell me about your self
  2. How will you choose your team members for a project? How will you handle if your team members are not working properly?
  3. Let’s say you need to complete your project by night. You and all your team mates are stuck up and unable to proceed further and all your friends are busy in their own works. Now how will you handle this situation?

Out of 15 Students 4 were selected. Luckily I am one among the 4.


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