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Terminalizer : Record Your Linux Terminal and Generate Animated GIF

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  • Last Updated : 14 Sep, 2021
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Terminalizer is an open-source cross-platform CLI tool that is used to record the terminal session and generate or share animated gif images.


  • Change background, title,  font, colors, window frames, transition speed.
  • Share your recording on the web
  • Add watermark

In this article, we will show you how to install terminalizer in Debian-based Linux (Ubuntu/Kali/Linuxmint/Elementary).


To install terminalizer you need to have node.js and npm installed on your computer. 

sudo apt update
sudo apt install build-essential
sudo apt install nodejs npm

To verify  the installation, run :

node -v && npm -v

Now install terminalizer globally on your machine by adding the -g flag to the npm install command.

npm install -g terminalizer

To verify  the installation, run :

terminalizer -v

verify terminalizer installation

Record and Render/Share

Basic command syntax

 terminalizer <command> <session>
  • To record your terminal
terminalizer record test

This will save a file test.yml in your current directory

Once the recording has been saved, terminalizer will prompt you to share the recording on

Reply with Yes, if you want to share the recording.

  • To play the recording
terminalizer play test

  • To render the recording
terminalizer render test

  • To share the recording
terminalizer share test

To view the gif created above, visit


You can also manually configure the attributes by editing the .yml file.

  • quality: Change the quality of generated image
  • repeat: -1 to loop one, 0 for infinity
  • frameDelay: Change the delay between frames in ms.
  • cursorStyle: Change the cursor style
  • fontSize: Change font size in px.
  • lineHeight: Change line-height.
  • letterSpacing: Change letter spacing in px.
  • watermark.imagePath: Add a watermark to your gif
  • frameBox.type: Change the frame box type


To uninstall, run :

npm uninstall -g terminalizer

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