Teradata Interview Experience | Set 2

Total of 5 rounds

1. Written – 20 questions (15 from C,DS and algorithms and 5 form OS),

2. Technical Interview – No Introduction directly they have take into technical discussion.
       a. write a function which will return the length of the string. the function should return only length(i.e interger), and u should not use any varialbles(i used recursion).

       b. revrse a string without using any variable, here you can use your previous defined ur own length function.

       c. some basic questions on pointers, errors, outputs.

3. Technical Interview
– Completely on Data structures and algorithms
       a. merge two linked lists with O(n) complexity.
       b. BST
       c. A general scenario and we should design it.
       d. Some basic DS and algos questions like search algos and sorting algos, pros and cons of recursion and iteration.

4. Technical interview
– Again on C
       a. Hashing questions,
       b. anagrams problem with efficient algorithm.
     c. arranging the array in ascending order where array condtains randow 1’s and 0’s. (some how I impressed the interviewer with different approches).

5. HR round
– Only on package discussion

Interviewers are awesome, they will help u to the maximum. Interact with them, ask them some clues, thats it as simple as that.

last but not least thanks GeekforGeeks without u guys I would not have made it far.

keep rocking guys 🙂 🙂 🙂

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